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John Baker

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    Arming You With the Right Information—Presenting D2L’s Complimentary Course on COVID-19

    Right now, we’re all pretty anxious. I worry a lot about my family, parents, my coworkers, and friends. About the doctors and nurses and grocery store clerks on the front…

  • Trends
    Together We Can Save the School Year

    We have never lived through a moment like this. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the NBA and the NHL. It has shut down Broadway plays. It’s even made everyone…

  • Technology
    Every Bit Ethical in a Digital Age

    From the day D2L opened for business, I’ve seen us as a learning company first and a technology company second. Over the last twenty years, while the technological tools we…

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    Is Bias Baked Into AI?

    In the past year, AI has been making the news a lot—though not always in a good way. For example, Amazon’s facial recognition AI recently made headlines when it was…

  • Expert Advice
    Digital Transformation in Higher Education – The Road Ahead

    I’ve often told the story of how D2L got started — 20 years ago this year — when I was an engineering student at the University of Waterloo. In those…

  • Trends
    What Can Mastery Learning Teachers Do Now That They Couldn’t Do Before?

    Mastery learning is a pedagogical philosophy that—for decades—has been practiced by some of the most innovative educators, but it is not without its challenges. In the past, in a traditional…

  • Technology
    Protecting Student Privacy

    Earlier this summer, I wrote a piece on this blog about the importance of protecting student data. The underlying message of that post is that student data is not a…

  • Trends
    Why I’m Blogging: A Blog Post

    I’ve been blogging for a while. Which is why, when we recently relaunched my blog under the title “#Learning2030,” a few people asked me what was so different about it….