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Manitoba, meet D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is a dynamic learning management system for educators, schools, and divisions that care deeply about ensuring ALL students reach their potential. D2L Brightspace is provided by the Department of Education free to Manitoba teachers. It includes digital portfolios, assignments, rubrics, lessons linked to curriculum expectations, quizzes, and much more!

Get Started with D2L Brightspace

All Manitoba teachers have free access to D2L Brightspace.

To get started, simply fill out the Brightspace Teacher Registration Form. You will be sent your account credentials the following business day.


  • Watch Our Recent and Upcoming Webinars

    Register for upcoming webinars or view previous recordings

  • K-12 Brightspace Training

    Access a four-step training plan for educators

  • One-Minute Workflow Videos

    Watch bite-sized videos to help you get started with D2L Brightspace

  • Resources for Parents

    A guide to D2L Brightspace and supporting learning at home

  • Manitoba-Specific Webinars

    Watch Manitoba-specific professional learning webinars

  • Additional Resources for K-12

    Explore content created by our team of education experts

Why use D2L Brightspace?

Why use D2L Brightspace?

  • Access secondary courses aligned to Manitoba curriculum and available for educators to use
  • Make use of easy communication tools like Brightspace Portfolio, Discussion Board, Activity Feed, and more!
  • Use of a simple workflow to enhance pre-created content with your own resources
  • Take advantage of video tools for providing feedback, connecting face-to-face, and more
  • Differentiate by having students demonstrate learning in a variety of ways and assessing and providing feedback using video, audio, text, and rubrics
  • Integrate with the third-party tools you love, including Google Drive™ online storage service (Watch our Google integration videos)
  • Support a Canada-based company that supports both official languages
  • Feel confident that your data is stored and managed in Canada
  • Know that D2L takes privacy and security as well as accessibility seriously
  • Use products designed to be accessible offline to empower learners with disabilities
  • And more!

Access to Brightspace means:

  • Worry-free technology consistently delivering 99.95% uptime rate

  • Equitable and inclusive: Brightspace is accessible regardless of abilities, means, location, or device

  • Easy to scale: D2L has experience scaling schools, school districts, and more

  • Safe and secure: ISO 27001:2013 Certification and SOC 2 compliance

  • Mobile friendly: Brightspace is the only leading learning management platform designed for mobile

  • Access to hundreds of video tutorials designed to help administrators, instructors, and learners get the most out of Brightspace products and features.

  • Support is available 24x7x365