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How should your course content be consumed?

You’ll want to incorporate video into your instructional design in a way that best suits your instructional purposes. The key thing to consider here is how your course content should best be consumed.

Facilitated courses

If your plan is to use video content only to supplement other activities, then it can be easily incorporated into your course. In courses where video is just one of many tools used to facilitate discussions, lectures, or workshops, there are already lots of other elements in the learning experience that will help keep students engaged throughout the course.

Some video solutions may even allow you to combine live video streaming, polling, and real-time audience discussion to create really engaging presentations for students both in-class and online.


Unfacilitated courses

However, if learning is self-guided, or even lacking an active instructor, you’ll need to put thought into how to use video content in a way that keeps your students engaged. Video can be a very passive experience and it’s possible that students will “zone out” while watching. So, simply uploading a series of long presentations or lecture recordings won’t be enough to keep them engaged. Diversifying both video content and course activities can help keep students in the zone.


Also, incorporating some sort of follow-up after a video—whether it’s basic comprehension quizzes or more involved discussion forums—can encourage students to pay attention and keep them engaged. You can even incorporate video-based assessment to promote ongoing engagement over video. Students can respond to content from the course and demonstrate what they’ve learned.

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