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Social Assessment at work

While much of the information consumers require to make an informed retail purchase is now available to them online, the retail customer service experience is still critical. A knowledgeable store associate can ring up 69% more revenue than a colleague with less product knowledge.

Employee training and development is a key tool employed by retailers to improve staff and store effectiveness and to improve employee engagement. Attitude and soft skills are critically important in retail and remain areas of priority in retail recruitment. In a recent study by the Retail Council of Canada, 31% of retailers interviewed indicated attitude is the greatest challenge with respect to employee retention, with 12% also citing interpersonal skills and 8% communication skills.

A retail associate who is happy, gregarious, and well-informed can not only impress a customer, but make them feel good about their retail experience. This intangible, but important, emotional bond creates a pleasurable brick-and-mortar shopping experience that “hooks” the consumer and keeps them coming back for more.

Plus, Social Assessment lends itself particularly well to those retailers seeking to hone staff soft skills during customer support training. For instance, retailers can use video to instruct associates in performing certain tasks or rehearse scenarios. Retail employees can also use video to capture customer service moments. Perhaps they might use their smartphone camera to capture a role-play showing their approach to dealing with a difficult-to-please customer. This video can then be provided to colleagues and mentors for feedback. Managers can also leverage video to engage frontline staff around important coaching moments and to boost employee engagement by delivering timely praise for a job well-done.

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