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Key elements of modern learning

For financial services organizations, modern workplace learning isn’t just about making training available on a smartphone. It’s about using next-generation learning experience platforms to deliver more highly-relevant personalized learning for employees, allowing the organization to respond dynamically to new learning demands and changing market conditions.

FS organizations must make continuous learning a core competency in order to thrive in today’s competitive environment and attract and retain talent. This means leveraging key modern workplace learning strategies like:

Personalized learning

In addressing the growing knowledge and leadership gaps, FS organizations need to recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to learning and development and leadership training. Through a learning experience platform, L&D leaders can establish personalized learning paths focused on key competencies essential for an individual’s role. Employees can also custom curate content to further individualize their own learning path.


The 2016 worldwide gaming industry generated over $90 billion in revenue and, with such massive worldwide appeal, gaming offers FS organizations a fantastic opportunity to engage game-savvy employees around training. Integrating game-based learning elements like badging and leaderboards into business processes is an effective way to encourage competition and collaboration in learning, and to stimulate high-performing, ambitious staff members.


Video-based learning provides a highly visual and engaging medium for learning that’s very familiar to today’s employees, who are accustomed to turning to Google and YouTube to learn and develop skills. On top of being used to serve up engaging learning content, video can also be used to promote social learning in the workplace, for instance by enabling iterative improvement in leadership training by encouraging regular, engaging feedback from peers, coaches, and mentors.


Smart young professionals on the career track appreciate “just-in-time” learning content that’s doled out in bite-sized chunks, easily consumed, and available on-demand at the point of need. For example, short instructional videos can be an engaging way for FS learning leaders to update employees on new regulatory guidelines or changing market conditions, allowing them to consume the information in pieces at their own pace.

Anywhere, anytime access

Flexibility when it comes to work environments is highly prized by today’s employees. The ability to access learning in the cloud and on personal devices means learning and training can happen at any time of the day and in any location.

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