Our adaptive learning engine. Based on a student’s performance, it spots where they’re struggling and automatically recommends materials that can help: the right content at the right time.

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Personalize learning.

By linking key concepts to content, the adaptive engine helps instructors create a unique learning path for each person.

  • Practice questions help students gauge their progress before an assessment
  • Test questions can be imported and automatically matched to learning objectives
  • Existing learning objectives, course content, and questions can be used

Get started quickly.

A setup wizard helps you build new courses—or make existing ones adaptive—using content you already have or new material from external sources.

Prioritize helpful content.

LeaP learns as students do: based on their progression, the recommendations change to reflect their needs and the most important content is presented first.

  • Student success and content rankings are used to determine relevant materials
  • Support for student-contributed content expands the breadth of materials available
  • Detailed reports help instructors evaluate student results and content quality

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