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D2L Joins 21st Century Skills Coalition in Latin America and Caribbean

D2L Is Sole Canadian Company and Learning Management System in the Coalition

Press Release

D2L, a world leader in learning technology, announced today that it has joined the 21st Century Skills Coalition, being the only Canadian technology firm and learning platform provider to join the initiative. The coalition was launched by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to promote 21st century skills and support the implementation of a new generation of educational and training policies throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This coalition is made up of 22 partners from the public and private sectors. It also has funding resources to support projects that will promote these skills among the children and youth of the region.

These include not only digital skills but also advanced cognitive, socio-emotional and executive functions, such as teamwork, communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, perseverance, resilience and tolerance.

Beyond its impact on the labor market, cross-cutting skills can influence the different aspects of a person’s well-being, as well as their personal and social lives. “Future economic growth and prosperity in Latin America requires accelerating the development of academic, technical and cross-cutting skills. These durable skills like collaboration, empathy, critical thinking, and communication are essential for businesses across the globe, across jobs, and careers. For D2L, it is an honor to be part of this coalition to help advance innovation in skills development and support students, employees and citizens as active participants in our future society,” said Jeremy Auger, Chief Strategy Officer at D2L.

Through technologies such as a learning management system, students and employees in the region can be trained with relevant content on a flexible platform that allows them to learn at their own pace. D2L offers a concrete solution to these challenges with its Brightspace platform, which is compatible with mobile devices. Students receive personalized feedback on the platform to help them develop the skills they will need in the workplace. Teachers, in turn, can teach the way they want and with the tools they want. Universities and organizations can centralize learning on Brightspace to create courses, monitor participants’ progress, and obtain statistics to analyze goal achievement.

In the future, people will have to continually reinvent themselves, and companies will look for candidates who are adaptable and have good interpersonal skills in addition to the technical or professional qualifications required for a position. “Our goal is to contribute to the transformation of the educational systems for the 21st century,” explained Howie Bender, Senior Government and External Relations Director at D2L. “It’s important for education to be delivered through agile models capable of responding to the changing demands of today’s world.”



Brightspace is a cloud-based learning platform that makes online and blended learning easy, flexible and smart. Brightspace is a quantum leap beyond traditional Learning Management System (LMS) – it is easy to drag-and-drop content to create engaging courses, supports all mobile devices, has industry-leading up-time, and is built with accessibility in mind for all learners. Plus, Brightspace enables the future of learning with a gaming engine, adaptive learning, video management, intelligent agents, templated interactives for course design, full support for outcomes or competency-based learning, and actionable learning analytics. D2L’s Brightspace was recently named the #1 LMS for Next-Gen Online Teaching and Learning by Ovum Research and #1 in Adaptive Learning by eLearning Magazine. In addition, Aragon Research included D2L in its highly coveted Hot Vendors In Learning list. To learn more, visit the Enterprise page on our website.



D2L believes learning is the foundation upon which all progress and achievement rests. Working closely with organizations globally, D2L has transformed the way millions of people learn online and in the classroom. Learn more about D2L for schools, higher education and businesses at

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