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Implementing the New 2021 De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math Curriculum

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De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math (MTH1W)

To help teachers and students adjust to the De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math (MTH1W) curriculum being released in fall 2021, the D2L Course Publishing team has developed a new D2L De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math digital resource in support of the transition.

The 2021 De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math (MTH1W) resource builds on the unique pedagogy and design established in the Ontario Math 1–8 digital resource. It extends the social-emotional learning themes developed in earlier grades in order to continue building confidence, excitement, and capacity in understanding as students learn to apply mathematical concepts in their everyday lives.

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Curriculum-Aligned Digital Resources

Like Ontario Math 1–8, the De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math (MTH1W) digital resource will cover every curriculum expectation, including building on coding and financial literacy concepts developed in Grade 8.

In addition to providing teachers with curriculum-aligned digital resources and tools, the new De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math (MTH1W) will no longer require students to decide whether to take academic or applied courses in Grade 9.

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Supporting the Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy (CRRP) with the New Curriculum

By supporting CRRP, the new curriculum encourages educators to motivate students and create positive learning environments. The new curriculum helps educators to:

  • Set high academic standards for students to work toward while driving student engagement
  • Offer a wide range of skills and interests for students to learn and develop with their peers
  • Create equal opportunities for all students, removing systemic barriers to build inclusive experiences
  • Present new possibilities for students to pursue, including apprenticeships, college, and university

MTH1W, De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math

  • Number of Units: 5
  • Total AoL Assessments: 20
  • Total AfL Assessments: 8

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