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D2L Course Packs

The educational landscape is changing, which is why D2L has partnered with Bayfield Design to provide quality curriculum-based resources to help teachers with the move to online and blended learning. Our new Course Packs will provide teachers with quality, curriculum-based digital resources that are native to the Brightspace learning environment, so teachers have more time to spend more time on what matters the most – their students!

Bayfield Design Math 1-8 for D2L are now approved on the Trillium List!

Introducing Best-in-Class Course Packs from D2L and Bayfield Design

We have partnered with online learning specialists Bayfield Design to offer Course Packs, a series of curriculum-based 1 – 8 Math resources built to meet the expectations set out in the revised Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Mathematics, 2020 policy document. Course Packs give students access to curriculum-based content and built-in assessments so teachers can focus on providing meaningful feedback. Teachers can tailor how items are presented to students, determine how and when access is granted, and create additional content as needed. Best of all, every Course Pack is fully integrated into and optimized for Brightspace, providing a seamless learning experience for all students, whether in the classroom or online.

Brightspace responsive platform in tablet, laptop and mobile phone

Seamless Brightspace Integration

Course Packs’ plug-and-play nature make them intuitive and easy to use, unlike alternative traditional curriculum options.

  • Flexible content can be used in the classroom or at home
  • They are fully accessible to help you reach every learner
  • Course Packs provide insight into student learning and outcomes, allowing for a personalized learning approach

Save Teachers Time

Teachers can now focus on delivering great content that is engaging and which covers the entire curriculum. They no longer need to create their own which can be so time-consuming. Course Packs are integrated into Brightspace, which means less time setting up the course​. Teachers will have more time to spend engaging students and providing meaningful feedback.

100% Curriculum Coverage

Each Course Pack is designed to meet all curriculum expectations​. They include built-in assessment for, as, and of learning to provide insight into student progress​. Teachers and parents don’t have to worry about what is being covered, and can shift focus from content creation to improving student outcomes.

Screenshot of Assignments in Desktop

What Is a Course Pack?

Included in every Course Pack students receive curriculum-based digital course content with built-in assessment for, as, and of learning. Teachers receive all teaching and learning material, including tests, quizzes, assignments, teaching manuals, and curriculum correlations.

Curriculum-based course content

Teaching manuals

Curriculum correlations

Quizzes and tests

Accessibility features


Built-in assessment for, as, and of learning

Grade item associations


Screenshots of the content experience for student

Easily Access Your Content

Course Packs are the only curriculum-based digital resource available that can be seamlessly integrated into your LMS. This can save teachers hours of work creating content, making that content engaging, creating assessments, and linking everything to curriculum expectations.

Not only is the content already built and ready for teachers and students to use, but teachers know that the content they are using is 100% aligned to the expectations set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Plus, all of the content and all the assessments included in the Course Pack will already be linked to curriculum outcomes and rubrics in Brightspace, so you can track which outcomes you are covering with your students as they progress through the course material. This will give teachers, administrators, students, and parents an unprecedented level of insight into student outcomes and progress in each course.​

Screenshots of Grade 8 math in tablet

No Course Left Behind

Many courses, especially at the elementary level, don’t have any curriculum-aligned resources available, leaving it up to teachers to create their own course content.

  • D2L is investing heavily in developing curriculum-based resources for all Ontario courses, starting with Course Packs for Grade 1 – 8 Math, and expanding into all subject areas and Grade levels
  • Each Course Pack will be submitted to the Trillium List and will be designed to meet all curriculum expectations set by the Ontario Ministry of Education​​
  • Having Course Packs for all subject areas will provide a consistent learning experience for students in all subjects and across multiple grade levels
Screenshot of assignments in Course Packs in tablet

Use in Class and at Home

Many of the curriculum-aligned resources currently on the market are available only in print and cannot be used in an online learning environment.​ Course Packs provide online access to high-quality content and can be used in the classroom and at home. ​Regardless of whether schools are open in September, Course Packs arm teachers and students with the information they need to meet curriculum expectations.

Built-In Assessment for, as, and of Learning

Most curriculum-aligned resources don’t include interactive assessments for students, which are often provided by teachers separately​. Each Course Pack includes built-in assessments for, as, and of learning. There are practice activities and self-assessments populated throughout student content, as well as assignments, quizzes, and tests for teachers to choose from. ​Teachers also have the flexibility of creating their own assignments, tests, and quizzes and can customize how to make them available to their students.

Engaging Course Material

Most curriculum-aligned digital resources are static PDFs or ePub files with limited interaction and engagement opportunities for students.​

  • All of the interactive features available as part of the Brightspace platform are embedded in course content, making it more engaging for students
  • Course Packs include video, animations, and activities that students can interact with as they progress through the course material
  • Teachers can also customize what content is available to students
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About Bayfield Design

Bayfield Design is an online learning design and development company with deep roots in education. They work at the intersection of teaching, learning, technology, and multimedia to create impactful online learning experiences. Their commitment to education is based in 25 years of experience writing, designing, and developing online courses for schools across North America.

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