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Continue Learning Off Campus With Brightspace 

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Transitioning seamlessly from face-to-face to online learning can alleviate problems caused by unexpected campus closures.

Paige O'Grady
Paige O'Grady

Product Marketing Manager


From time to time, higher education institutions must close unexpectedly due to emergency situations such as inclement weather, natural disaster, emergency repairs to facilities or even community illness. Unexpected and extended closures wreak havoc on learning progress and school calendars. We believe closures should not be taken lightly, but if they’re necessary, you need to be prepared.  

The ability to transition quickly from face-to-face or blended learning to fully online learning can alleviate some of the problems caused by extended closures. 

“We examined every aspect of the LMS [learning management system] and the vendor relationship; from the mobile interface to the future roadmap, to the financial stability of the organization. In the end, there was overwhelming support for D2L and Brightspace,” says David Starnes, chief academic officer for Purdue Global. 

Why Brightspace Is a Great Solution for Learning Continuity 

  • Worry-free technology: Brightspace has a 99.95% uptime rate. 
  • Equitable and inclusive: Brightspace is accessible regardless of abilities, means, location or device. 
  • Easy to scale: D2L has experience scaling in colleges, universities and more. 
  • Safe and secure: ISO 27001:2013 Certification and SOC 2 Compliance 
  • Mobile friendly: Brightspace is the only leading learning management platform designed for mobile. 
  • Resources to help: D2L offers hundreds of video tutorials designed to help administrators, instructors and learners get the most out of Brightspace products and features. 
  • Here when you need it: Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

Brightspace Has the Tools to Engage Both Students and Instructors 

  • Connect face-to-face with multiple parties for instruction, assessment and feedback using virtual classrooms. 
  • Give great feedback using video notes, annotations and rubrics. 
  • Keep students on track with automated nudges. 
  • Automate the release of content and assessments—all based on a student’s activity within a course. 
  • Enable students to build presentation and critical thinking skills using built-in video capabilities. 

D2L has over 20 years of experience helping institutions shift to fully online or blended learning. We work closely with our customers all over the world to develop tailored plans in case of prolonged closures. This includes building an understanding of how to best support equitable learning continuity with an online learning platform. 

Brightspace provides scalable and personalized learning anytime and anywhere. We currently have clients who are using Brightspace in their learning continuity plans on a regular basis. This experience has built our understanding of what’s necessary to make learning work off campus for any period of time. 

Learn more about what Brightspace has to offer. 

Written by:

Paige O'Grady
Paige O'Grady

Product Marketing Manager

Paige O’Grady is a Product Marketing Manager at D2L, specializing in the education space. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in Marketing and Brand Communications.

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  1. Why Brightspace Is a Great Solution for Learning Continuity 
  2. Brightspace Has the Tools to Engage Both Students and Instructors