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Evaluate Comprehension With Mastery View in the Grades Tool

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Individualize, differentiate and personalize learning to help each student achieve their full potential.

Paige O'Grady Product Marketing Manager

We are making it easier than ever to individualize, differentiate and personalize learning to help each student achieve their full potential.

View and understand the overall level of achievement by student related to each outcome being taught in a course. Quickly scan a learner’s overall achievement across the entire course and the overall level of comprehension of a learning outcome across all students. Instructors can then drill in further to view each learner’s performance and access links to specific evidence items associated with each outcome.

Evaluate the Performance of All Learners Across All Course Outcomes

Quickly and easily evaluate the level of achievement across the entire class of learners for each of the course outcomes being taught in that course. Teachers can choose which calculation method to use for determining the suggested level of achievement or turn off the suggestions and manually evaluate all learners.

Identify Students Across the Course With Varying Needs

Easily access a powerful visual representation of where comprehension and mastery are deficient by learner and/or outcome so teachers can identify those who are struggling or potentially at risk.

Assess the Suggested Level of Achievement for Students

Observe a suggested level of achievement based on a student’s actual performance and then apply professional judgment to override that suggestion where necessary. Teachers are also able to provide commentary regarding the override.

Speak With Confidence

Mastery View acts as a great source of background information when having performance related conversations with students, parents or advisors.