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    Navigating Change Management in Higher Education 

    There are two constants in life: change and resistance to change. Our brains are hardwired to combat change and actually release fear hormones to protect us from the threat it…

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    The Importance of Financial Aid for Nontraditional Students 

    The top reason working adults aren’t taking courses or earning micro-credentials is because they can’t afford it.  Skill gaps exist in the working world, and organizations and higher education institutions…

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    The Complete LMS Evaluation Guide

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    Creating Pathway Programs in Higher Education 

    Traditional degree programs are usually seen as linear and predictable: Enroll in the first year, and at the end of the fourth year, walk across the stage, grab your diploma…

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    Embracing Blended Learning for Primary Students 

    Stephanie Browne became a teacher because of the value she placed on her experience as a learner. She was also inspired by the impact her mother, a school principal, had…

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    How Skill Mapping Can Change Higher Education 

    It’s no secret that higher education is evolving to meet the changing needs of students and the workforce. More nontraditional students continue to join higher education ranks. High school graduates…

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    Designing Online Courses at Michigan State University 

    Gwyn Shelle is an instructional technology specialist at Michigan State University (MSU) Extension. The goal of her department is to take science-based information from faculty and researchers at the institution…

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    AI, the LMS and Evolution: The Future of Learning

    What do you get when two ed tech giants come together to talk about the future of learning? You get a thoughtful discussion on how learning in the K-12, higher…