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From Student Recovery to Reimagining Schools

Download this guide to discover how, despite these hurdles, new experiences have fostered interest in new approaches. This guide outlines that there is now a unique opportunity to reimagine the way we support student success through more flexible and engaging curriculum and instruction.

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As we work to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, our K-12 education system is left with two critical questions:

  • How do we support our students in addressing their immediate learning recovery?
  • What new opportunities do we have to reimagine how education will look in the future?

How Do You Re-Engage Students and Achieve Growth?

In our recent “K-12 Guide to Educational Growth,” we discuss how to go from learning recovery to reimagining schools. Since the start of the pandemic, students experienced challenges in consistently accessing instruction and participating in structured learning opportunities. This was especially true for students who were already facing disparities. Student engagement and outcomes were too often impacted.