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Drive Deeper Engagement With Interactive Assessments and Meaningful Feedback

We know you care deeply about delivering high-quality content to your learners. Bring your learning experiences to the next level with engaging video assessments that capture attention. Unlock powerful video workflows and elevate your learning experiences at scale with Brightspace Video Assignments.


Engage Learners With Interactive Assignments

Deliver better outcomes for learners by creating opportunities for practice, analysis and collaboration with various assignment types that they can use to demonstrate their knowledge and apply their skills.

  • Individual Assignment
    Help learners retain their knowledge and build critical thinking skills through continuous practice, self-assessment activities and video presentation delivery.
  • Question & Answer*
    Improve their communication and practice in a real-world scenario by answering questions asynchronously with a limited time to respond.
  • Group Assignment*
    Encourage collaboration to complete group activities by using a central dashboard to create milestones, record videos, compile submissions and evaluate peers.
  • Interactive Video*
    Prompt learners to answer multiple-choice questions or submit recorded responses at different points throughout a video to assess and showcase their comprehension.
A computer and tablet.

Provide Meaningful Feedback Opportunities

With video, evaluators can see knowledge being put into action and assess individuals in a more authentic manner. Utilize rich grading and review capabilities with formative and summative assessment options, all within Brightspace.

  • Self-Assessment
    Give learners multiple opportunities to practice and reflect on their recordings prior to submission.
  • Expert Coaching
    Provide real-time feedback with actionable, time-stamped comments from subject-matter experts on their submissions.
  • Auto Analysis™️*
    Scale your feedback with auto-generated delivery and content metrics to help learners improve and gain deeper insight into their performance.
  • Peer Review
    Develop peer-to-peer collaboration by having them give and receive personalized, time-stamped feedback on their peers’ videos.

*With Premium