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Addressing the Skills Gap with Micro-Credentialing

Motivate learners to take charge of their professional development and develop the skills they need to succeed now and in the future.

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The Challenges Micro-Credentials Help Solve

Using micro-credentials brings benefits for both individuals and organizations.

  • For individuals it’s about making accreditations portable, providing others with easy insights into progress, and acting as an incentive to tackle new learning opportunities.
  • For organizations it’s about identifying skill needs and gaps, increasing engagement, building a culture of learning, and driving alignment.


What Are Micro-Credentials?

They’re a representation of a competency or achievement earned through participation, progression, completion, or demonstration of learning.


They contain metadata about how the learner achieved the badge, who issued it, and what evidence is available to demonstrate the skill.


Once created, they can be shared across a variety of platforms including social media and portfolios.