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Top Hat and Brightspace

Two Leading Providers Coming Together to Help Drive Student Success

Harness the power of student engagement. With D2L Brightspace and Top Hat’s dynamic courseware, educators can bring their courses to life.

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Used together, D2L’s Brightspace and Top Hat’s dynamic courseware assists educators to efficiently manage their courses and easily create more equitable, meaningful and student-centered learning experiences.

With engagement built directly into lectures, readings and assignments, students can become more active participants in their education and can be more motivated to reach new levels of success. Take advantage of this partnership today and help shape the future of higher education.

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Connection and Engagement

  • Bring your classroom to life with engaging discussions and polls that help keep students interacting with each other and course content.
  • Help students connect with content and classmates. Top Hat enables instructors to build meaningful interactions into every lecture and assignment.
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Highly Equitable Learning Experiences

  • Help give students a voice, no matter where they sit or whether class is online or in person.
  • Top Hat’s anonymous polling and discussion tools allow students to voice their perspectives and questions confidently, enriching class discussions and giving instructors a clearer window into the needs and experiences of their students.
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  • We offer educators flexibility to drive engagement in the way that best fits their course. Enrich synchronous class meetings, add questions to readings and assignments, adapt or build your own interactive textbook—or pick any combination of the above! Data from these activities helps educators quickly adapt their lessons and focus on the concepts students need help with.
  • Top Hat allows instructors and course coordinators to add questions, polls and discussions to readings and other content. Edit authored text down to the word, replace media and easily edit assessments for a truly flexible, tailored course experience.

Support and Partnership

  • Top Hat’s intuitive, mobile-friendly interface is easy to learn and access and is backed by best-in-class support, so you can focus your time and energy on teaching.
  • Top Hat partners with each institution to tailor an engagement solution that helps to achieve its goals. We offer services to onboard and coach faculty to confidently teach with Top Hat and use it to its full potential.
  • From training and instructional design, to success management and custom data delivery, Top Hat’s services support the institution’s faculty and staff to achieve their objectives.
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Actionable Insights

  • Every interaction in Top Hat generates valuable information that instructors and institutions can use to make learning more effective. Attendance, participation, test and assignment results—everything is captured in the Top Hat gradebook.
  • Top Hat’s enterprise customers have access to a usage data dashboard with stats about active instructors, students, courses, questions, responses and more.
  • Instructors receive our weekly course report to get at-a-glance insights into class-wide trends. Identify challenging course topics and students who may be struggling and respond in just a few clicks.

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About Top Hat

Top Hat is digital courseware that enables active learning—a proven student-centred pedagogy that promotes deep understanding, critical thinking, and subject mastery—providing educators with interactive course content, tools, assessment capabilities, and insights in a single, easy-to-use application. Millions of students at 750 leading North American colleges and universities use Top Hat to teach and engage with students before, during, and after class, in both in-person and online education.

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