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Top Hat and Brightspace

Two Leading Providers Coming Together to Drive Student Success

What happens when two leaders in e-learning come together to achieve a common goal? You get a powerful solution that creates an even better learning experience that is engaging for both instructors and students to experience.

D2L and Top Hat have partnered to bring a new synergy to the e-learning market. By leveraging our combined strengths, educators can now create and deliver effective learning experiences in any teaching scenario—no matter if they are in-person, online, or in a blended setting.

Used together, D2L’s Brightspace and Top Hat’s digital courseware supercharges the learning experience by bringing educational content to life.

With interactions and engagement directly built into lectures, digital textbooks, and in-class discussions, students become more active participants in their education and are more motivated to reach new levels of success.

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Interactive Courseware

  • Bring your course material to life by choosing from hundreds of Top Hat’s interactive textbooks that are customizable to your needs.
  • Deliver and manage powerful course content that can easily engage and motivate students to want to learn more.
  • Create and customize course content and enrich them with videos, simulations, interactive homework questions, and more.
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Actionable Insights on Student Performance

  • Take action in driving student success by accessing insightful reports on student performance with just one click.
  • Easily identify struggling students and difficult concepts that require additional support and reinforcement.
  • When D2L and Top Hat are used together, data insights in both solutions create a full-circle feedback loop that paints complete portraits of individual student progress.

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Flexible Assessments

  • Engage students with interactive quizzes and tests to reinforce their understanding of content.
  • Choose from a wide range of assessment tools and formats to effectively gauge student comprehension.
  • Leverage auto-grading features to streamline marking and administrative tasks.
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Community and Connectedness

  • Foster community in the classroom by leveraging interactive tools and creating opportunities for collaboration and discussions.
  • Leverage a steady stream of performance insights to deliver interactive feedback and ongoing mentorship that can be transformative to student success.
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About Top Hat

Top Hat is digital courseware that enables active learning—a proven student-centred pedagogy that promotes deep understanding, critical thinking, and subject mastery—providing educators with interactive course content, tools, assessment capabilities, and insights in a single, easy-to-use application. Millions of students at 750 leading North American colleges and universities use Top Hat to teach and engage with students before, during, and after class, in both in-person and online education.

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