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Partnering with OMNIA to Bring Purchasing Power at a Value

We are excited to announce our partnership with OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, a leader in cooperative purchasing. With our new partnership, OMNIA Partners offers institutions and organizations in the K-12 and higher education markets the opportunity to purchase D2L’s Brightspace platform with ease and at a reduced cost.

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Collaborating Our Efforts for Mutual Success

OMNIA Partners deliver solutions that benefit the public sector community while providing value, efficiency, product, and service effectiveness. D2L’s Brightspace is a leading learning platform, combining the powerful tools, services, and support needed to deliver a best-in-class teaching and learning experience for faculty and students.

By collaborating in a strategic partnership, our efforts as partners will help improve the learning experience—offering the public sector the opportunity to purchase D2L’s Brightspace at a value and access advanced tools and resources to build a great learning experience.

The Power of OMNIA Partners

OMNIA’s members and suppliers benefit from the power and influence OMNIA has across a multitude of industries, which creates unparalleled value, unmatched resources, and streamlined procurement solutions that members and suppliers can trust to optimize their businesses.

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Markets We Work With

Brightspace for Schools

The Brightspace platform is the learning management system that supports students, teachers, parents, and administrators all while helping all learners reach their potential.

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Brightspace for Higher Education

Brightspace is the learning platform that was built to deliver best-in-class teaching and learning experiences for faculty and students all while helping all learners reach their potential.

Learn more about Higher Education

Whether you teach in higher education or at the K-12 level, Brightspace can be one of the best assets for educators. The learning management system is adaptable for classrooms of all sizes, helping teachers to automate daily tasks and streamline the learning process.

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About OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners, Public Sector is the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement. Their immense purchasing power and industry-leading suppliers have produced a comprehensive portfolio of cooperative contracts and partnerships, making OMNIA Partners the most valued and trusted resource for organizations nationwide.

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