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Nudging the Lifelong Learning Journey

Every student’s learning journey represents a unique and highly personal experience—an experience that is defined by a student’s mindset and how the student responds to various successes, challenges, and obstacles.

That’s why D2L has partnered with Discourse Analytics—an AI–driven platform that provides school professional advising teams with early-warning nudges that enable proactive interventions to help keep students on track throughout the entire learning journey.

The Discourse Analytics platform reduces institutional biases which can negatively impact a student’s learning journey by excluding demographics or personally identifiable information from its models.

Accordingly, by focusing on the student mindset, Discourse Analytics can provide predictive and prescriptive insights that empower institutions to more effectively engage students in achieving a higher-value path along their learning journey.

“Mindsets are your beliefs about how the world works that shape the reality you experience. Think of them as the operating system for your mind—operating below the surface but controlling everything that happens.”
– Kelly McGonigal, The Upside of Stress

Optimizing the learning journey

Focusing on the student mindset and behaviours

Creating personalized experiences from data sharing

Discourse Analytics - Think-alike Clusters

Optimizing the Learning Journey

Discourse Analytics translates existing student data into actionable insights. By comparing an individual’s behaviour to a knowledge graph of more than 6.5 million “think-alike profiles,” Discourse Analytics can accelerate the understanding, engagement, and activation of an individual student by prescribing nudges that can help students identify and overcome any risk factors that may disrupt their learning journey.

Students can become more aware of their learning behaviours and can use these nudges to identify where they can improve their learning habits and enhance their academic performance—all within D2L Brightspace.

Focusing on the Student’s Mindset and Behaviours

Discourse Analytics uses the data—not demographics—to guide the learning journey. This approach reduces any bias and inaccurate pathway selection and can improve academic outcomes by providing an understanding of the actions and behaviours of every student and appropriately providing attitude nudges that align with the specific student’s mindset.

The Discourse Analytics platform has developed more than 20 synthetic profiles together with an understanding of attitudes that can be applied to every student’s unique experience.

group of four students sitting side by side and looking at a tablet

Creating Personalized Experiences from Data Sharing

We believe meaningful personalization is about meeting learners where they are in their journey at a specific moment in time. To meet every student’s array of academic, financial, social, and wellness needs, institutions must engage with each student as a person, not a demographically oriented persona.

The AI-driven platform creates customized nudges to establish authentic and trusting conversations that drive improved learning outcomes and individual experiences.

22% Retention Lift

– Spring 2021

93% Grade Prediction Accuracy

– Spring 2020

Enrolment Yield Lift 63%

– Fall 2020

Retention Increase 96.3% to 98.7%

– Spring 2019

Attrition Prediction Accuracy 92%

– Spring 2020

Financial Aid Verification Completion Increase 23%

– Spring 2019

*Discourse Analytics

About Discourse Analytics

Discourse Analytics Logo

Discourse Analytics’ core insight is that students make choices and act based on how they think, not what they look like, their age, or their gender. Picking a college or navigating a degree plan, are key decisions driven by people’s mindsets, not demographics.

Discourse Analytics harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive science to deliver personalization that engages each person’s attitudes towards a specific topic. The AI-driven platform profiles the attitudes of everyone within a target population. A patented “think-alike” engine clusters like-minded students to predict behaviors and prescribe nudges to maximize the desired outcome. To learn more, visit

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