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Soliya and D2L Partner to Reimagine Virtual Exchanges for Young People

Virtual Exchange Innovator Selects Brightspace to Scale Cross-Cultural Learning

Press Release

D2L Inc., a global learning technology leader, and Soliya, a not-for-profit industry leader in virtual exchange, announced today a new partnership to better support young people around the world. Soliya selected D2L Brightspace to deliver their virtual exchange programs, which bring people together for meaningful, interactive learning using a seamless blend of pedagogy and technology.

For nearly two decades, Soliya has used technology to create high-impact, inter-and cross-cultural education, teaching young adults how to thrive in an interconnected world. Soliya was looking to scale their existing virtual exchanges to create a more functional space for learners and educators with innovative and accessible features – through synchronous and asynchronous programs. D2L Brightspace offers the right solution to help Soliya provide flexible, modern and accessible learning experiences for everyone, regardless of age, ability or location.

“As an organization that has been using technology as our vehicle of delivery for global dialogue and training programs for nearly 20 years, having a technology stack that provides the best possible experience for our partners and participants has always been paramount,” said Waidehi Gokhale, CEO of Soliya. “In D2L, I believe we have found the right partner with whom to rebuild and revitalize our learning management system to create a secure digital space that is functional, intuitive, and optimized for safe and brave learning and exchange. This is an exciting moment for Soliya.”

Each year, this non-profit organization brings together 15,000 young adults across North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia, for small face-to-face exchanges around compelling global issues. Soliya’s innovative approach to these virtual exchanges goes beyond conventional online education. Through facilitated discussions on timely topics and interactive activities, participants develop greater global awareness while building critical 21st-century skills and attitudes in cross-cultural communication, cooperation and conflict resolution, such as empathy and critical thinking.

“When I started D2L, it was my dream to work with organizations like Soliya who bring together young minds from around the world to enable education and positive change,” says John Baker, President and CEO at D2L. “We’re thrilled to be able to support Soliya on their efforts to expand and grow, to reach more students, while imagining new ways technology can be an ally for cross-border peace and relations.”

Soliya’s commitment and dedication to collaboration with educators and technologists to create exceptional, transformational learning experiences align perfectly with D2L’s mission – creating a profound global impact.


Soliya is an international non-profit organization and a pioneering virtual exchange provider. Soliya combines the power of interactive technology with the science of dialogue to offer proven cross-cultural exchange and learning opportunities. Soliya’s work has been supported through strategic partnerships with the European Commission, the Government of Canada and by the Stevens Initiative of the Aspen Institute as sponsored by the US Department of State. In 2019, Soliya was recognized by Canada’s Global Centre for Pluralism as an Honorable Mention recipient of the Global Pluralism Award.


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Ayca Ariyoruk,
Director, Global Partnerships and Communication, Soliya
[email protected]
Twitter: @Soliya


Tory Waldron
Director, PR, D2L Corporation
[email protected]

Twitter: @D2L

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