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D2L Expands Use of Intelligent Technology

AI tools help educators save time, improve outcomes, and keep learners engaged

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D2L, a global learning technology company, is building intelligent technologies seamlessly into D2L Brightspace. Intelligent features leverage artificial intelligence, smart workflow design, and automation to help educators personalize learning – making it easier to adapt to the unique needs, activities, and performance of each learner.

D2L Brightspace Intelligent Features

Over the past year, D2L has seen strong momentum in helping educators engage learners, design learning activities, save time with smart workflows, and personalize learning. Built directly into D2L Brightspace, some of these newer features include the ability to:

  • Ensure equity with accessible video

    As of January 2022, all video uploaded into Brightspace can be automatically closed captioned, using AI, supports multiple languages, and is also transcoded to stream to any device. This can save D2L users and client accommodation offices significant time and money, but more importantly its search functionality makes learning accessible to all in real-time.

  • Improve speaking and presentation skillsets

    Introduced in 2021, Video Assignments in D2L Brightspace offers the ability for learners of all ages to record themselves presenting, with their audio automatically transcribed and analyzed to determine clarity of speech, number of filler keywords, and speaking rate over time.

A Decade of D2L Brightspace Intelligent Features

Customers have been leveraging D2L intelligent features for more than 10 years, delivering personalized experiences at scale. Other longstanding intelligent D2L Brightspace product features include:

  • Driving better outcomes for at-risk learners

    Instructors can identify at-risk learners in a course using artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and visual dashboards. The instructor is able to see if a learner is falling off track as well as week over week trend indicators to help provide targeted support where it’s needed most.

  • Keeping learners engaged with rewards

    Techniques from video games can make learning more engaging and learners can receive awards for their progress, time spent and performance. This helps to motivate learners as educators implement creative, mastery-based and competency-based education models.

  • Creating personalized learning pathways for learners

    Learners can access learning paths built by predictive analytics and based on their objectives for a course, standard or school. These personalized pathways guide the learner with recommended options that adapt to their personal strengths and areas of need as they interact with the tool – as an individual or for small group differentiated activities. Those that demonstrate understanding of learning objectives are quickly moved ahead in the course. And, for learners that require more time to master learning objectives, recommended activities are automatically curated.

  • Making employee upskilling more efficient

    Employees are busy, and D2L Brightspace helps meet them where they are. Employees are provided with adaptive learning paths to understand what they already know and where gaps in knowledge exist.

“It’s really helpful to be able to generate meaningful questions that can be automatically graded. It provides directional information about the performance of the person taking the course, and it lightens the load on my team by reducing the amount of grading we have to do manually,” said Kitrek Riese, Software Engineering Manager at Dematic.

D2L Brightspace was recently named a 2022 SIIA CODiE Award finalist in nine categories, including Best Personalized Learning Solution and Best Learning Management System (LMS).

“For more than a decade, D2L has been at the forefront of building intelligent tools within our products to make it easier to build engaging experiences and get the right feedback to learners when they need it the most,” said John Baker, President and CEO of D2L. “Personalizing learning is not easy, and our goal with intelligent tools is to help instructors save time, so they can focus on what really matters: improving outcomes for their learners.”

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