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Reimagining K-12 Professional Learning

Gone are the days of rigid teacher professional development that merely checks boxes. It’s time for a shift towards personalized learning experiences that cater to educators’ unique needs and goals.

Join the conversation as we delve into autonomy, relevance and choice in professional learning and the significance of data for educators and school district leaders. This discussion will explore how data enables informed decision-making, assesses effectiveness and provides crucial support within educational settings.

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1 Hour


We’ll dive into some big topics, like:

Holistic Learning: How can we see professional development as a journey, not just a box to check?

Measuring Success: What does success look like, and how can we measure it to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders?

Using Tech: How can we use technology to give teachers learning experiences that really matter to them, right when they need it?


Host: Dr. Emma Zone Senior Director, Academic Affairs at D2L
Stacey Schuh Senior Director of Professional Learning Services, Michigan Virtual
Ramona Coleman Assistant Superintendent of Human Capital Management, Fort Wayne Community Schools