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Learning Bytes: Apple Releases Math Notes

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Apple’s new iOS 18 feature, how AI can personalize learning for children and a framework for navigating AI usage in schools.


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D2L’s Learning Bytes – June 14, 2024  

Apple Releases Math Notes, Part of iOS 18 Update 

Earlier this week Apple announced a slew of new features at their Worldwide Developer Conference. Math Notes, a new feature in the upcoming iOS 18 update, allows users to input math problems. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the app can solve these problems while recognizing the author’s handwriting via the Apple Pencil.  

Video credit: Marques Brownlee. Skip to 8:06 to see a Math Notes demo

Unsurprisingly, people are wondering how this will impact K-12 education. News 13 spoke with professors training future math instructors. They encouraged them to embrace AI, using it as a tool to explain how the computer solved the problem, rather than ignore it. This realization came after they found several issues with the math problem Apple used in their promotional video.  

“They made mistakes, major mistakes on three of the problems, three that I found so far,” said Joanne Caniglia, who serves as an education professor at Kent State University. “What we really want students to know about any kind of technology is the limitations and that they always have to know, have to understand the mathematics themselves.” 

Read the full piece.  

Artificial Intelligence Could Remake Childhood Education 

“AI can give children the best possible content that we think they need to be able to progress at the right pace.” 

Tech entrepreneur Alex Galvagni thinks that AI is poised to disrupt American education. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Galvagni, the CEO of Age of Learning, expressed that education represents a significant frontier poised to gain from advancements in artificial intelligence technology.  

Read the full piece

What Can States Do to Prepare Schools For AI? 

Education strategy and policy firm ILO Group has released a framework for state education agencies to guide local schools in implementing artificial intelligence (AI). The framework focuses on four key areas: political, operational, technical and fiscal considerations. To date, seven states have released guidance around AI usage for K-12 leaders: California, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia. 

Read the full piece

That’s a wrap for this week. Be sure to return next Friday for more learning bytes.  

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