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D2L: 25 Years of Transforming the Way the World Learns

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John Baker

Many cool tech start-ups will share their story of starting in a garage. Well, we didn’t have one back in 1999, so the team spent our first summer working in an un-airconditioned bedroom in my parents’ house. I had no real sense of how big D2L would become, but I did have a vision for the influence I wanted the company to have on millions of people around the world. My goal – one I shared with D2Lers from the beginning – was to transform the way the world learns.  

Twenty-five years into D2L’s journey, our mission remains the same. And our impact on the world is undeniable. There are now more than 18 million people using our Brightspace learning platform globally, and D2L has more than 1,300 customers in 40 countries.   

A lot has changed in 25 years, but what hasn’t changed at D2L is our curiosity. We’re always asking: what’s the next problem we can solve to make the biggest impact on the world? That might mean making learning even more inclusive and accessible to reach those who are still left behind. Or exploring how we can strengthen communities with education, even in the most challenging environments, like refugee camps. And we always want to inspire more learner engagement and foster more learning moments.  

Can we do all these things? Yes.  

In fact, we’ll have to do even more. If there’s anything we’ve learned at D2L over the last two-and-a-half decades, it’s that learning never stops. Just as the last 25 years presented unique, unforeseen challenges, so too will the next 25 – not least of which will be how to wisely integrate things like artificial intelligence into our learning and our lives to improve outcomes for everyone.  

Something else we know from our years of learning leadership is that no matter what technology comes along, learning will always be a fundamentally human experience, characterized by moments of human connection, growth, and transformation. No matter what, we’ll always remain dedicated to helping empower educators and learners through engaging and personal learning experiences.   

The future may seem daunting at times. The pace of change can be overwhelming, and the ground beneath our feet may feel unsteady. But at D2L, we embrace the future with optimism and determination. We know that we have the power to shape the future, to fill it with promise and potential – one moment, one partner, and one learner, at a time.  

Here’s to another 25 years of transforming the way the world learns. Together, we can build a future full of hope, promise, and endless possibilities. 

If there’s anything we’ve learned at D2L over the last two-and-a-half decades, it’s that learning never stops.

John Baker, Founder and CEO, D2L

Written by:

John Baker

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