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Empower Your District With a Digital Learning Ecosystem

Give your schools a single door to the classroom by leveraging D2L Brightspace as the hub of your learning ecosystem. With thoughtfully designed instruction, assessment, collaboration and communication tools, plus the ability to integrate over 1,800 learning technologies that teachers love, Brightspace is an all-in-one environment that simplifies and elevates your face-to-face and blended learning experiences.

Save Teachers Time

Not all teaching and learning needs to happen online. But having a single system that links to the teaching and learning tools used in the classroom helps increase efficiency and amplify impact as teachers focus on what they do best—teach.

Auto Analysis in D2L Brightspace screenshot in tablet

Log in Once for All Your Needs

Gone are the days when districts managed and monitored a handful of digital tools. Now, the use of tools varies between classes, schools and districts, making it unclear for teachers, students and parents to know where to start or even what login to use for which service. Bring the tools teachers already use and love into a coordinated environment with our 1EdTech standards-based integrations. Brightspace makes it possible to seamlessly mix and match multiple applications within your district’s digital learning ecosystem. One place, one login.

Keep Data Secure

Privacy standards and the security of student data can be difficult to manage when every classroom selects their own digital learning tools. With D2L’s single sign-on technologies and robust privacy measures, districts can rest easy knowing their students’ data is secure. Learn about D2L’s security and privacy measures.

Your All-In-One Environment

Districts today need one centralized, secure and scalable platform that grows and adapts with their needs. That’s why Brightspace is more than just a learning management system. We help districts save time and amplify impact by putting everything a classroom needs in one spot.​

Ready to explore how Brightspace is the hub of a learning ecosystem?

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