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D2L Brightspace Empower Events

Boosting School Success With Brightspace

Whether your educators are beginners, Brightspace wizards or somewhere in between, D2L Brightspace Empower events give them the tips, tricks and knowledge they need to get started with the platform and help their students, schools and districts soar to success.

Calling All New and Experienced Users

Wherever your educators are in their Brightspace journey, these hands-on sessions led by Brightspace experts deliver the knowledge they need, when they need it. Empower sessions can be tailored to help educators:

  • get started with Brightspace and learn the basics
  • discover tools and extensions not yet explored
  • thrive and shine with advanced tips, insights and strategies

Help Your Teachers Do What They Do Best

When teachers are at their best, students can be too. That’s why we host Empower sessions to spark more efficient and effective teaching with Brightspace. You can host a session to help your teachers:

  • gain a basic knowledge of the platform
  • understand its tools, features and functionality
  • build on their knowledge of the platform’s capabilities
  • get quick answers and feedback
  • network and connect with users in their district
  • learn how to integrate their favorite edtech tools

Upcoming Events