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The K-12 Guide to Personalizing Professional Learning

A guide for K-12 leaders, built by K-12 leaders.

To help support the need for modernized K-12 professional development, D2L convened a working group of educators to identify practices that will help reimagine teacher professional learning. This guide delivers their top eight recommendations for improving the timeliness, flexibility and relevance of professional learning.

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Teacher PD is as important as ever, yet there may be growing reluctance to prioritize professional learning due to teacher workload and fatigue. But what if the problem is not the quantity of professional learning, but the relevance and value? Maybe teachers are resistant not to PD, but to PD that fails to meet their evolving needs and schedules, and their expectations and requirements. 

A D2L-commissioned survey of nearly 1,000 educators identified four essential areas where improvement is needed: 

  • Personalization to increase relevancy and flexibility 
  • Timeliness to improve access and application 
  • Hybrid methods to support learner community and self-pacing 
  • Internal communications enhancement to inform understanding and awareness 

This guide—developed in collaboration with our partners in an interim professional learning community—identifies eight recommended practices for operationalizing those themes, filling these gaps and modernizing K-12 professional learning to be more teacher-centered, responsive to their dynamic needs and applicable to their daily practice.