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5 Ways to Monetize Your Association’s Learning Programs with Your LMS

An eBook for associations that want to turn learning into a revenue generating strategy.

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  • Four components to consider when determining which strategy is going to be right for you
  • Five models you can use to help monetize your learning programs
  • How the right approach can help engage members and generate positive returns

How the Right Strategy Can Help Generate a Positive Return from Learning

Continuing education is becoming a major revenue driver for associations, especially as traditional sources like membership dues weaken. At the same time, the past year has made many realize how important it can be to diversify how they deliver programs so they’re not relying entirely or as heavily on in-person formats.

After you take learning online, how are you monetizing your offerings? What’s your biggest revenue generating strategy?

This eBook is all about helping you figure out which monetization strategy is going to be right for you.