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How Associations Can Use Learning to Generate Revenue

This report examines how associations can integrate virtual learning into their business strategy and how they can diversify revenue by monetizing learning programs.

Find out how associations are:
– exploring online learning as a lucrative revenue source
– using continuing education to diversify and strengthen membership offerings
– setting clear business strategies for their online learning programs

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How taking learning online can future-proof associations

Our research found that more than half of associations plan to keep virtual learning programs as a permanent part of their business moving forward. Associations are realizing that online continuing education has the potential to be a lucrative revenue source and add value to membership offerings. As the landscape for associations continues to evolve and traditional revenue sources weaken, associations must diversify their offerings to meet the needs of their members and generate revenue.

To explore how associations have adjusted their business models, D2L and Training Industry, Inc., partnered for a research study of 125 membership-based organizations. In this report, find out how your association can integrate virtual learning into your growth strategy, how to overcome common learning delivery challenges and how to monetize your learning programs.


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81% of associations expected to keep many if not most of the changes put in place over the past few years.


65% of associations with a stable post-pandemic business strategy said they were likely to maintain virtual learning.


Associations would like to generate 51% of their revenue from virtual learning programs.