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Season 1, Episode 1 - Learning by Association

Preparing Members for the Future of Work and Learning With Artesha Moore, FASAE, CAE

Tune in to find out how associations can help members thrive in their professional lives—especially in an age of accelerated change.

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The unique ways in which associations can bring people together and help them practice and develop interpersonal skills


How education is changing to better suit the needs of multi-generational learners


Where competition is coming from and how associations can both learn from competitors and set themselves apart


How prepared associations are (or aren’t) to embrace change


The importance of listening to and learning from all members, including younger ones


Why we need to move away from one-size-fits-all approaches to education


How and why associations are reimagining the work they do and evolving what learning looks like

Episode Description

Members look to associations to help them thrive in their professional lives—especially in an age of accelerated change.  

Easier said than done. What do people want to learn? How do they want to learn it? How can associations set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive landscape? 

In this episode, our host, Mark Jones, CAE, is joined by Artesha Moore, FASAE, CAE, president and CEO of Association Forum. Some of the topics they touched on include: 

  • the opportunities and challenges that come with catering to a multi-generational workforce 
  • the role associations can play in bringing people together and enabling richer skills development 
  • the ways associations can reimagine how, where and when they deliver education experiences 
  • the importance of bringing all stakeholders to the table to fuel innovation and growth 


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