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Protecting Academic Integrity

When accommodating all types of learning, maintaining academic integrity in exams can be a challenging task in both hybrid and blended learning environments.

Integrity Advocate has teamed with D2L to help you facilitate exams and tests in a secure, privacy-protected environment that can maintain academic integrity.

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As the only identity verification, participation monitoring, and exam proctoring solution, Integrity Advocate has proven to be the first choice and a leader in the market.

With its integration into D2L Brightspace, you can be confident conducting or participating in remote exams, allowing you to focus on what matters most—help to to improve learning outcomes and academic achievement.

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Protection of Academic Integrity

To help prevent cheating when running tests and exams, the biggest concern is ensuring that the learners’ identities can be verified. Using Integrity Advocate, you can be worry-free when conducting exams.

Using Biometric ID identification that is integrated right into D2L Brightspace, you can rest assured that exams can be administered remotely without extra effort on your end.

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Privacy and Security

Learners can feel confident knowing their information is being captured in a secure and privacy-protected environment. Only the information needed is asked for, and learners will understand why information is being collected.

Integrity Advocate is also compliant with critical privacy and security regulations, including GDPR, FERPA, and PIPEDA.

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Administration Freedom

Create and conduct assessments that fit your needs by setting specific rules for events and monitored activities.

You’ll be able to author, deliver, and mark assessments for hundreds to millions of test-takers. This secure and protected solution efficiency helps to create and set up exams, is engaging with media-rich assessments, and runs uninterrupted, regardless of internet dropouts or slowdowns.

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Technological Flexibility and Accessibility

Learners can participate in exams from any device—whether using laptops or desktops, learners can effectively complete exams on the device they feel most comfortable working with.

Looking for additional support? With Integrity Advocate, nearly every country is supported 24/7 through chat, phone, and email availability.

Markets We Serve

  • K-12 Schools:

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    Deliver best-in-class teaching and learning experiences for faculty and students while helping all learners reach their potential.

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    Create a culture of continuous learning by delivering an engaging experience that will help you tap into the full potential of your most critical resource: people.

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    Scale your association and empower members with continuing education and programs that help them build the competencies they need in order to keep up to date on accreditations.

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Integrity Advocate

Verified by Integrity Advocate

Integrity Advocate is the only identity verification, participation monitoring, and exam proctoring solution built on Privacy by Design principles. Integrity Advocate protects learner privacy and ensures assessment integrity for online learning events. Leveraging human review aided by artificial intelligence, services are available 24/7 on all devices, no plugins or software installation required.

Integrity Lock is an optional lockdown browser that efficiently converts any computer into a secure workstation and verifies the identity and participation of learners using the workstation. To maintain Integrity Advocate’s commitment to learner privacy, Integrity Lock’s capabilities are all provided without sending any personal information from the learner’s computer to servers, web analytics, user tracking or clickstream analytics service.

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