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Protect Learning Integrity in D2L Brightspace

Keeping learning honest and true doesn’t have to be a challenge. Now you can protect learning integrity, from final exams to high-stakes safety training, with a secure, privacy-protected solution right within Brightspace.

Let’s Talk about Integrity Advocate and D2L

Your Superpower for Remote Evaluations

Lead the way in identity verification, participation tracking and exam proctoring.

K-12 Schools

Support students, teachers, parents and administrators without device restrictions and with low support needs.

Higher Education

Deliver best-in-class learning while maintaining academic integrity and compliance with student privacy regulations.

Employee Training

Create a culture of accountability and safety by delivering successful, high-stakes workplace training.


Scale your association, empower members and administer high-stakes assessments online with ease.

Screenshot on Laptop of Protection of academic identity

Trusted Identity Verification

Prevent cheating on online tests, exams and certifications by verifying learner identities. With built-in biometric identification, you can be sure that the intended learner is participating in the assessment without any extra effort.


Privacy and Security

Collect only the necessary information and provide learners with clear reasons for its requirement. They can trust that their information is securely captured in a protected environment, compliant with privacy and security regulations.

Administrative Freedom

Set specific rules for events and monitored activities based on your needs and preferences. Take advantage of complete proctoring services, engaging media-rich assessments seamless operation—even in the face of internet dropouts or slowdowns.


Flexible, Accessible Evaluation

Learners can complete online assessments and training comfortably on their device of choice, with no need for plugins or software installation. If you need extra support, it’s available 24/7 around the world via chat, phone or email.

How It Works

  • Step 1:
    The user is asked to take a picture of their face.
  • Step 2:
    The user is asked to take a picture of their photo ID document.
  • Step 3:
    The facial image is compared to and authenticated against the ID.
  • Step 4:
    Participation is monitored for custom session rules.
  • Step 5:
    The session is either cleared or invalid compared to the session rules.

Integrity Advocate

Verified by Integrity Advocate

Welcome to the future of identity verification, participation monitoring and exam proctoring. Built on Privacy by Design principles, Integrity Advocate combines human review and AI to guarantee a 1:1 reviewer-to-learner ratio. It’s available on all devices, with no need for plugins or software installation.

Integrity Lock eliminates the need for end-user installation and provides maximum convenience for institutions and students. Using advanced technology, Integrity Advocate creates a secure assessment environment without compromising on privacy protection or burdening users with complex setup procedures.

Getting Started With Integrity Advocate Is Easy

So why wait? Let’s keep learning honest and true, together.

Let’s talk about Integrity Advocate and D2L