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Acceptable Use Policy for D2L Capture

D2L Corporation and its family of companies (“D2L”) through its product offerings provides certain access to software, and local, national, and international facilities and infrastructure services for the purposes of creating, and disseminating information (known as facilities and services).

There is an obligation on the part of those using these facilities and services to respect the intellectual and access rights of others locally, nationally and internationally.

Computing resources and facilities of D2L, and its respective partners shall be exclusively used for legitimate activity related to the performance of the duties and responsibilities of the users only, administrative, public service, or approved contract purposes.

If the use of the facilities and services includes accessing other environments that may be subject to a similar policy, then the burden is exclusively on the user to ensure compliance.

Personal use of the facilities and services is not expressly forbidden provided that personal use does not interfere with any of the other obligations contained herein, or any other user’s ability to use the facilities and services.

The facilities and services are not to be used, directly or indirectly, for the viewing, access, duplication, alteration of any files or intellectual property of another, without that intellectual property owners express consent. Any attempt to degrade, interfere with, disrupt, damage or otherwise interfere with the facilities and services, or using the facilities and services or any part thereof for those purposes on another system is expressly forbidden. If you are uncertain if you have permission to perform the task you intent to perform, please consult your system administrator, or equivalent.

Individuals or institutions who disregard elements of this policy may be subject to appropriate contractual or legal action by D2L (in the courts of Ontario). Violators of this policy may be liable to D2L and or its respective partners if there is a violation, however small of this policy.

Should you wish not to follow this policy, or you disagree with any part of it, you are not permitted to access the facilities and services at any time, or in any manner.

Accessing the facilities and services is your express acceptance of this policy. Modifications may be made to this policy at any time, so please check back often.

This is the complete Acceptable Use Policy as of July 1st 2011, for D2L Capture.