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Inspire Young Minds with D2L Digital Curriculum

Give your teachers the tools they need to deliver meaningful and effective learning to their students.

D2L’s new curriculum development capabilities will offer teachers and students premium digital resources that work in harmony with Brightspace.

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Introducing: D2L Ontario Elementary digital resources

This series of digital resources is specifically crafted to help teachers succeed with in-person, blended, or fully online environments. These resources are currently the only curriculum-aligned digital math resource on the Trillium List.

D2L Ontario Elementary digital courses and resources are available in the Brightspace platform learning environment. Set your teachers up with the tools and resources they need so they have more time to spend on what matters most–their students!

While Math 1-8 is available now, Language, Science, Social Science and much more will be available in September 2021.

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Save teachers time

Creating content that is engaging and covers all curriculum expectations is a large task. Save teachers hours of work creating engaging, curriculum-linked content and assessments so they have more time to deliver the content, work with their students, and provide meaningful feedback.

Screenshot of Assignments in Desktop

Flexible and customizable

Teachers have the flexibility of creating their own assignments, tests, and quizzes on top of what’s provided, and can customize how items are made available to the class.

Full curriculum coverage

D2L Ontario Elementary courses are designed to meet the curriculum expectations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our Ontario Math 1-8 courses are Trillium listed, with Language, Science, Social Science, and Health and Physical Education on the way.

Cartoon of hands with books in them

Meet the needs of all students

Each and every student deserves access to the best possible learning opportunities and experiences. Accessibility and inclusivity are designed into every course from the ground up and provides the most flexible learning environment. Designed with accessibility in mind, resources can be accessed from any device, so your students can learn from anywhere at any time.

D2L on Accessibility

Assessment and evaluation

Assessment for, as, and of learning are built in to provide insight into student progress. Assessments are built in to Brightspace’s gradebook, making grade entry and performance review a snap. Practice activities and self-assessments, as well as assignments, quizzes, and tests, can be found throughout student content.

Keep learners on track

All content and assessments are already linked to curriculum outcomes in the Brightspace platform, so teachers can track which outcomes are being covered as students’ progress through the course material. This will give teachers, administrators, students, and parents insight into student outcomes and progress in each course.

Class Progress screenshot in Laptop

Continuously current and improving

D2L’s Ontario Elementary digital courses are always getting better. Each year, our courses are updated based on Educator and Student feedback, current events and technological advances. You can ensure that your resources stay on the leading edge of curriculum, culture and technology.

Partner with learning experts

As education and pedagogy professionals, we’re committed to supporting you in ways you might not expect from a technology provider. We work with you throughout implementation and will give you peace of mind as you get started throughout your journey. We’ve also teamed up with other industry experts, such as Fair Chance Learning, to provide support, ongoing professional development, and drive program success.

What’s Included?

Curriculum aligned course content

Teaching manuals

Curriculum correlations

Quizzes and tests

Accessibility features


Built-in assessment for, as, and of learning

Grade item associations

Learning goal checklists

D2L Ontario Elementary Courses

Our team of D2L course publishers are experts in education and learning content. We understand the importance of creating relevant and engaging content that students can develop knowledge from and apply to real-world contexts.

Our courses utilize a combination of technology and offline activities, providing opportunities to develop an understanding of skills and concepts in interactive and concrete ways and with multiple learning styles. Students can now experience a new way of learning in each of our strategically designed courses listed below.

D2L Ontario Physical Education and Health
Coming soon in fall 2021

D2L De-streamed Grade 9 Ontario Math
Coming soon in fall 2021

D2L Ontario Language
Coming soon in fall 2021

D2L Ontario Science and Technology
Coming soon in fall 2021

D2L Ontario Social Studies
Coming soon in fall 2021

D2L Ontario French
Coming soon in fall 2021

The Team of Professionals

D2L’s Course Publishing team consists of qualified educators at every level of the organization. In fact, more than half of the team are certified teachers who have shifted from conventional, brick-and-mortar schooling to online learning.

The Process

Over the past two decades, D2L’s Course Publishing team has developed a proven, five-step process for creating online programs. Their team of committed professionals works diligently to create some of the most effective learning programs for organizations and learners around the world.

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