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Unlock a World of Learning with Passport to Social Studies

Meet the ultimate solution for social studies education. Elevate your classroom experience with interactive content, streamlined progress tracking and a suite of resources designed to make teaching a breeze. Best of all? It’s free through iLearnNYC.

Where Modern Learning Meets Efficient Planning

Ready for innovative teaching, engaging resources, and streamlined lesson planning?

Fuel your passion for teaching with efficient workflows and ample time to inspire your students. Because when you’re excited about teaching, your students are eager to learn alongside you.

Passport to Social Studies in iLearnNYC is your gateway to teaching triumph. Save time, invigorate your students, and turn learning into an interactive journey that sparks curiosity and fosters growth.

Passport to Social Studies in iLearnNYC

Explore a wealth of pre-made, fully customizable social studies content meticulously aligned with NY State Standards at your fingertips!

Welcome to iLearnNYC

All K-12 public school teachers in NYC have free access to iLearnNYC. What does iLearnNYC offer?

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Access the Platform

  1. Create your iLearnNYC course by syncing STARS data (never update class rosters again, it’s all automated!)
  2. Sign into iLearn and enter your virtual class 
  3. Get acquainted with iLearn with Brightspace training
  4. Use the tools with your classes!
  5. Your Implementation Manager can assist you with questions you may have and support your using iLearnNYC 

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Your Implementation Manager (IM) is available for opt-in assistance and support. They’re your go-to contact for any issues. Use the list below to find and contact your IM:

More Teaching, Less Tasking

Goodbye teaching to-dos. Hello learning ta-das.

Preapproved Content

Lead your classroom confidently using NYCPS-approved digital content and a platform that fulfills DOE and NY state recommendations for digital classrooms.

Time Saved

Take back time with teacher guides and ready-made unit plans. Enhance your teaching through virtual field trips, formative assessments and ready-to-go interactive activities.

Student Engagement

Engage, captivate and inspire young minds with interactive content, learning activities and rich multimedia experiences that bring their social studies learning to life.

Teacher helping four young students at a desk with a computer

Why Passport to Social Studies?

  • Access a gold mine of NYCPS-approved content that’s already aligned to state standards and ready to teach. No digital licenses required.

  • The best things in life are free, and that includes the best digital social studies content for NYC teachers. It’s ready to teach in iLearnNYC.

  • With world-class accessibility tools and features, teachers and students can access the platform anytime, on any device.

  • Learning is personal. That’s why iLearnNYC and Passport to Social Studies make it easy to personalize learning and tailor your teaching to student needs.

Cultivating Global Citizens

Prepare your students for a global community with Passport to Social Studies in iLearnNYC.

  • Education Excellence

    Proudly endorsed by NYC Public Schools, Passport to Social Studies is the gold standard in instructional resources for social studies education.

  • Streamlined Integration

    Ready, set, blended classroom. With pre-built lessons, units and guides, Passport to Social Studies is a turnkey solution for social studies teachers.

  • Customizable Lessons

    Easily adapt lessons and content to your classroom’s learning environment and the individual needs of students for an inclusive, personalized experience.

  • Hands-on Learning

    Encourage your students to get involved with their school community and build personal connections through direct, creative involvement.

  • Curriculum Coherence

    Anchor your instruction with fully aligned, preapproved content that’s been carefully crafted to resonate with the diverse experiences of NYCPS students.

  • Inclusive Design

    Built by instructional designers with inclusivity in mind, Passport to Social Studies offers students personalized paths to historical thinking and literacy.

  • Student Participation

    Bring your classroom’s social studies learning to life with interactive lessons that make it easy to engage, captivate and inspire young minds.

  • Regents Success Hub

    Help your students prepare for Regents exams with Social Studies practice questions and resources, all—you guessed it—aligned to NYC standards and NYCPS-approved.

Getting Started Is Easy

Why wait? Sign in now to iLearnNYC. Getting started with Passport to Social Studies is a breeze—and totally free.