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Scale and secure safety exams by taking them online

Leverage virtual proctoring and evaluation solutions to take high-stakes safety assessments and training online without compromising integrity, privacy, or security—helping you maintain business continuity and compliance now and the giving you the ability to scale in the future.

Maintain integrity—even when taking safety exams online.

Learn more about Maintaining integrity—even when taking tests online.

Facilitate exams and assessments anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about Facilitating exams and assessments anytime, anywhere.

Reduce costs and show off your ROI with agile administration.

Learn more about Working smarter, not harder. Maximize the value of your expertise.

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Maintain integrity—even when taking safety exams online.

  • Establish legitimacy and security by verifying each person’s identity with biometric ID. Facial images can be compared against a picture on a document like a driver’s license and authenticated in the moment, checked throughout, and confirmed at the end of the session.
  • Detect, prevent, and handle plagiarism. Rely on an automatic text-recognition system to do the work for you—searching the internet, published content, and learner material to look for duplicates in any language.
  • Make sure test takers are paying attention by using AI-assisted participant monitoring. Get confidence from knowing they completed all the activities and be able to flag suspicious behaviors.
Engineer woman in safety jacket and helmet standing outdoors while using  a digital  tablet reviewing plans at Power Station.

Facilitate exams and assessments anytime, anywhere.

  • Deliver seamless experiences for your exam takers. A fully responsive design means people can access tests on any device. Plus, the tools you need can be integrated into Brightspace, so people never have to leave the learning platform, and can be made available on demand for 24/7 access.
  • Get peace of mind thanks to worry-free technology. Exams can run uninterrupted, regardless of internet dropouts or slowdowns, and privacy by design means every interaction is secure and protected.
  • Create engaging, media-rich experiences. Use up to 20 different question types and leverage audio and video to enable people to connect for instruction, assessment, and feedback.

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Reduce costs and show off your ROI with agile administration.

  • Push the boundaries with smarter analytics. Reports and dashboards give you immediate, measurable, and actionable insights you can use to improve your assessments and boost learning effectiveness.
  • Mark assessments for hundreds to millions of test takers. Automated and manual processes make sure high-quality, fair results and fast turnaround times.
  • Simplify content creation and curation. Build custom courses using your unique expertise, access curated material from third-party vendors, and bring it all together in one central hub.
  • Connect in real time with learners using integrated web conferencing and embed prerecorded clips for on-demand learning.
  • Use automation tools to release content according to learner progress, send notifications and messages based on preset criteria, streamline evaluations, and more.
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