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The Performance Plus package delivers powerful analytics tools to help L&D and business leaders save quality time while maximizing impact and driving success.

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Make data-driven decisions

On-demand access to easy-to-understand information gives you data to make smart decisions about your corporate learning experiences. Administrators can fuel ROI discussions with data that clearly shows how the Brightspace platform is being used, what is being accessed, by whom, how often and when. More than just system logins, the Adoption Dashboard allows you to analyze and act on login trends, course access, tool usage and enrollment data. No more waiting on custom reports or reliance on external tools. With the Engagement Dashboard, you can also identify groups and individuals that are doing well in addition to those that are struggling.

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Personalized learning paths for every employee

Adaptive learning creates a scalable, personalized learning experience to help ensure each employee has the knowledge they need to be effective.

  • The semantic engine automatically links concepts to course content. It determines where knowledge gaps exist, and presents the content needed to help close them.
  • The adaptive learning tool uses the objectives, content, and questions that have already been created for a course to create unique, personalized learning paths for each employee.

Maximize employee performance

Use predictive analytics to understand each employee’s performance trajectory in a course and identify those that need additional support or training.

  • Intuitive dashboards transform learner data into easily-identified patterns of performance and engagement.
  • Integrated workflows make it easy for managers to reach out to high-potential employees or provide help to low performers.
  • With a better understanding of which employees need extra support, leaders can ensure everyone finishes the course with a higher level of competency.

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Screenshots of Employee Performance in Performance Plus for Enterprise