D2L Launches the Next Generation of Brightspace and Strives to Accelerate the Nation's Path to 60% Attainment | Press Release | D2L
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  • LOS ANGELES, Milken Conference

D2L Launches the Next Generation of Brightspace and Strives to Accelerate the Nation’s Path to 60% Attainment

Press Release

Given the current trajectory, the Administration’s target of 60% by 2020 is in jeopardy − D2L pledges to help increase customers’ graduation rates with new technologies and encourages the industry to hurry innovations, services and new approaches

D2L, the EdTech company that created Brightspace, today announces the next generation of its learning platform, designed to develop smarter learners and increase graduation rates. By featuring a new faculty user interface (UI) and bringing adaptive learning to the masses, Brightspace is more flexible, smarter, and easier to use.

In addition to unveiling the new platform, CEO John Baker is rallying the world leaders at the Milken Institute Global Conference 2015 to create innovative strategies designed to eliminate the attainment gap and increase graduation rates as quickly as possible: “The current trajectory puts us just over 50% attainment for 25-34 year olds by 2020, millions of graduates short of achieving the 60% attainment goal set out by the Administration,” said John Baker, CEO of D2L. “That means we need more innovative services, approaches and technologies implemented today for first year students. We have a lot to accomplish as an industry and D2L wants to work with customers, partners, and anyone that cares about education, to reach the goal.”


  • D2L is changing the EdTech landscape by enabling students to learn more with Brightspace LeaP™ adaptive learning technology that brings personalized learning to the masses, and will help both increase graduation rates and produce smarter learners.
    • The National Scientific Research Council of Canada (NSERC) produced a recent unpublished study that states:After collating and processing the results, the results were very favourable for LeaP; the study demonstrates, with statistical significance, a 24% absolute gain and a 34% relative gain in final test scores over a traditional LMS while shortening the time on task by 30% all while maintaining a high subjective score on perceived usefulness.”
  • With this release of Brightspace, D2L is giving time back to faculty to enable them to do what they love most: inspire and reach students within an easy-to-use, more accessible platform.


Brightspace LeaP promises to help improve test scores, increase engagement, and reduce the time that students spend on tasks. According to Gartner[1], “Adaptive learning is a concept that traces its roots back to at least the 1950s, but the ability to capture learner data through online learning has provided a breakthrough.”

“To date, adaptive learning has only been used in a few elite schools. Just like early computers, it’s been difficult and rigid to operate—namely because it has traditionally been built for large publishers, not learners or instructors,” said Baker. “With this release, D2L is bringing adaptive learning to the mainstream, making it easy to implement and flexible to use. We’re going to go from a small group of clients using adaptive learning to the masses, with the aim of achieving better learner performance, higher graduation rates, and smarter learners.”

Today, Brightspace LeaP is integrated with publisher and open content, helping students fill the gaps they have in prior knowledge so that they can easily get the resources they need to get up to speed. Brightspace helps learners determine specifically which topics they need to spend more time on so that they can focus their studying efforts.


New Faculty UI: Today, D2L unveils a new Faculty UI, making the Brightspace platform far more intuitive than competitive solutions on the market and extremely easy to use with processes like startup checklists and drag-and-drop course creation.

OpenDyslexic Font: D2L is the undisputed accessibility leader and continues the commitment to being open and accessible to all and is once again leading the way in the LMS market by supporting OpenDyslexic font for learners and teachers that are Dyslexic. This font, when chosen by users as their default font, will make it easier for them to read in the learning system.

Microsoft® Office 365™ Integration: Brightspace is now more tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 so that learners can keep an eye on their Outlook® email, calendar, and OneDrive®, making it easier to stay connected within the learning platform.


Support for Common Cartridge 1.2, 1.3, and Thin Common Cartridge: Getting content into Brightspace quickly and easily is critical for faculty, so D2L announces the latest standards-based content import. Faculty can import content in one easy step, keeping the process simple and efficient. Brightspace now supports importing courses from Common Cartridge 1.2, 1.3, and Thin Common Cartridge.

Easy Administration: Brightspace Administration Service now provides clients an option to leverage an outsourced administration service to help with course, user, and tool management. D2L can provide a better level of service at a lower cost, helping clients to maximize their investment. The service is available on its own or can be bundled with End User Support, which is used to assist learners, instructors, and trainers who are using the Brightspace platform directly.

“With this next generation of Brightspace, we’re making it easier than ever for faculty to create exciting and engaging courses while leveraging the best content out there to help students reach their goals and graduate,” added Baker. “Clients now have the ability to help faculty nurture their students in new ways and help keep them on track for success with adaptive learning, thus supporting the goal of increasing graduation rates.”

“The focus on helping clients grow, supporting more completions and increased retention, at the same time as lifting learner outcomes, is also going to have an impact on our K-12, healthcare, government, and corporate clients. All our clients across sectors are focused on the best possible learning outcomes to drive improved results and retention.”

For more information about the Brightspace platform, visit www.brightspace.com.

About D2L

A global leader in EdTech, D2L is the creator of Brightspace, the world’s first integrated learning platform. The company partners with thought-leading organizations to improve learning through data-driven technology that helps deliver a personalized experience to every learner, regardless of geography or ability. D2L’s open and extensible platform is used by more than 1,100 clients and almost 15 million individual learners in higher education, K–12, healthcare, government, and the enterprise sector—including Fortune 1000 companies. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore. www.brightspace.com | www.D2L.com

Press Contacts

Virginia Jamieson
Head of Global Communications, D2L Ltd.
Twitter: @D2LNews
Brian Merrill
, fama PR for D2L

[1] Gartner: “Top 10 Strategic Technologies Impacting Education in 2015”