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D2L Careers
Customer Engagement

The Customer Engagement team surrounds customers with the necessary support to help them meet and exceed their learning goals at each phase of the journey: Onboard and Launch Services, Customer Success and Technical Support, Learning and Creative Services and Premium Services (Technical Account Management, Learning Administration Management, and Data Solutions Consulting).

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How does Customer Engagement make an impact at D2L?

Once the sales cycle is complete, a client is transitioned to our Customer Engagement team to start their client journey with D2L. These teams support with change management, learning strategy, implementation of Brightspace, Brightspace training, and their day-to-day use of the platform, and consult the best ways to adopt and structure the product. CE is all about value-add services to Brightspace clients – providing the help customers need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

Onboard and Launch Services

  • Learning Strategy Consulting: Our Learning Strategy Consulting team help customers accelerate digital transformation and enable greater value realization by guiding them through the process of strategic change. They help outline a clear vision for the future of learning, determine milestones and success criteria for achieving it.
  • Implementation and Training Services: Picking up the client journey after the sales process, all of the way through to a successful launch, the Implementation & Training Services team supports the client with their experience transitioning to Brightspace. The team ensures that our customers are confident and set up for success by providing professional services such as program management, project management, technical consulting, private training, and scalable e-learning solutions.

Global Support and Community

Customer Support (Administrator Support, End User Support), Knowledge, Localization, Community:
Our front-line team that ensures Administrators, learners and instructors have the answers they need when they need them through:

  • Supporting users (Instructors, learners and subject matter experts ) day to day questions with our platform 24x7x365
  • Creating and translating product documentation, guides, and knowledge resources
  • Building the Brightspace Community with resources and information to help customers with Brightspace adoption – our 24x7x365 one-stop-shop for Brightspace knowledge and connection

Premium Services

Our premium services are designed to provide the attention and care customers need to take Brightspace to the next level and move faster.

  • Technical Account Manager (TAM): Working with one of D2L’s premium service team that offers personalized ongoing support to D2L customers. TAMs act as an advocate to ensure their client’s technical needs are highly prioritized and help with Brightspace operations
  • Learning Administration Manager (LAM): This premium services team allows customers to delegate the day-to-day administration of Brightspace to a LAM, so they can focus on their strategic goals. With many years of experience as Brightspace admins, LAMs also provide expert guidance on how to optimize the Brightspace setup, ensuring customers get the most out of the platform.
  • Data Solutions Consulting: The Data Solutions Consulting team helps customers improve business outcomes by leveraging data from Brightspace to make more insightful decisions, faster.

Learning and Creative Services

Our team of instructional designers and courseware developers helps customers to build engaging, accessible, and responsive content that will help to improve learner outcomes and wow every learner. In addition, the learning strategy team and the learning experience consultants will consult and guide customers through best practices, tools and templates on pairing pedagogy and course design and help increase adoption and engagement.

Unique Activities or Events

LCS: Innovation Days

LCS: Innovation Days are an effort to allow everyone to work on something that would make the team more efficient, do something innovative, etc. We break into teams and work through a project over two days, with presentations (~10 minutes each) on the last day. What you work on is entirely up to you, and although you don’t necessarily need something tangible to present, the ask is that you work on something that could be implemented or iterated on in the future! In the past, we’ve seen people present proof of concepts, research findings, and completed projects (among other things).

Implementation: Collaboration Days

Implementation: Collaboration Days are an effort to bring everyone together and learn about new products, features, processes and services. We break into teams and work through brainstorming new services offerings or looking for efficiencies in existing processes. We celebrate our successes over the past year, share knowledge about unique use cases we have done recently, do retrospectives on some of our large customers or initiatives, and troubleshoot together some of our more complex use cases.

Technical Account Management; IDEA

Despite the Technical Account Management team being spread across the globe, they have a strong workplace culture that fosters inclusivity, fun and high-performance.

One important and unique initiative this team has started is IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Awareness) that focuses on providing a judgement free space for employees to openly discuss recent events/issues surrounding DEI in the workplace while embracing the difficult conversations and educating each other.

The TAM/LAM teams have a huge focus on collaboration and continued learning, which is why they run a week-long “TLC Week” (TAM/LAM Collaboration) where the entire global team meets at D2L headquarters. The week is spent learning, collaborating, socializing and have a lot of fun!


Stephen Laster headshot

Stephen Laster

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Hartshorn headshot

Adam Hartshorn

VP, Digital Learning Services

Alexander Persaud headshot

Alexander Persaud

Director – Implementation & Training Services

James Millard headshot

James Millard

VP, Global Support and Community

Jon Krochmalnek headshot

Jon Krochmalnek

Director, International Implementation and Channel Enablement

Joel Guerin headshot

Joel Guerin

Director, Technical Account Management

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