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D2L Fusion
D2L Fusion 2024 Past D2L Fusion Locations

How many times have you been to Fusion?


Anaheim, CA

Filled with insightful workshops, thoughtful conversations and “eureka moments,” Fusion in Anaheim looked to the future of education through the theme of “My Learning Moment.” Attendees reflected on transformative instances that take place along the learning journey and how to foster these moments in a skills-enabled, AI-driven future, where creating accessible learning experiences is essential.


Boston, MA

After two online Fusion programs, we reunited in the historic city of Boston to make learning more personal than ever. Our three-day event reminded us of the power of in-person connection with engaging sessions, networking and activities before closing with an insightful keynote by neuroscientist, Dr. Wendy Suzuki. And if that wasn’t enough, we hosted an all-new Virtual Fusion, too.



Imaigineers of Tomorrow came together for 6 days of virtual learning, collaboration and innovation. With 100’s of sessions, networking opportunities, an interactive venue and the Fusion Game Show there was a lot to experience as attendees looked to the future. Dr. Aprille J. Ericsson, Aerospace Engineer and Technologist delivered an inspiring closing keynote.



Our first ever virtual Fusion!
Fusion 2020 was an epic journey that saw thousands of heroes unite! It was a six month adventure that saw amazing speakers join their peers online to share challenges and learnings during extraordinary times. Together we also launched Affinity Networks, voted for talent show winners, and were inspired by a timely Keynote by John Baker.


Kissimmee, FL

There was lots to discover in the magical city of Kissimmee! Our Fusion Main Stage was packed with learnings from keynote speakers Bonnie St. John and Heather McGowan, and our attendees were inspired by special guests McClain Hermes and Joe Kelly, who shared the impact of technology on their education.


Houston, TX

Inspiration and energy set the stage for Houston. Focusing on our ‘Inspired by You” theme our amazing partnership with our customers was felt throughout the conference. Keynote speakers Alec & George Couros reminded us all why educators are changing lives!


Las Vegas, NV

What better place to reimagine education than the iconic Bellagio Hotel? With a vision to Reach Every Learner our attendees heard from education game changer Ray Kurzweil and were surrounded by educators working to change the future of learning. Our most impactful Fusion yet showcased everyone’s commitment to improve learning.


Washington, DC

Keynotes by Sir Ken Robinson and Angela Maiers, networking with 1000 educators from around the world, Night at the Newseum exclusive party, and latest in edtech innovations, 2016 was our greatest Fusion—so far!


Orlando, FL

Insightful keynotes from visionaries Steven Johnson and Paul Tough, the brightest minds in education gathered in sunny Florida in 2015.


Nashville, TN

Collaboration ignited the imagination of educators in Music City, with special guest speakers LeVar Burton and former Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield.


Boston, MA

Celebrating the evolution of learning and innovation, our 10th annual conference brought attendees to beautiful Boston for provacative speakers Alec Couros, Karen Cator and Michael Horn.


San Diego, CA

Docking in sunny San Diego, Fusion 2012 discovered what would be possible in education for years to come, with inspiring speakers and educators Sal Khan and Rafe Esquith. All aboard!


Denver, CO

Attendees to Fusion 2011 elevated teaching and learning in their organizations, inspired by guest speakers such as experimental designer Natalie Jeremijenko, and comedian and teacher Steve Brinder.


Chicago, IL

Attendees at Fusion Chicago became architects of education, enriching their approaches to teaching and learning, and sharing creative ideas and expertise.


Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

Fusion 2009 explored the art of learning through immersive discussions, presentations, and networking with educators from around the world.


Memphis, TN

With inspiring keynotes from George Siemens and Jason Ohler, educators at Fusion 2008 collaborated to explore best practices in education, and provide a positive impact on teaching and learning.


Duluth, MN

Attendees to Fusion 2007 came together to collaborate on the latest challenges, trends, and opportunities facing education and be inspired by thought provoking keynotes.


Guelph, ON

At our 3rd annual conference, attendees expanded their horizons through thought-provoking presentations and keynotes.


Madison, WI

Building bridges with educators from around the world, attendees explored best practices and innovations in education.


Madison, WI

Our 1st annual conference brought together educators in Madison, WI to share experiences and ideas on teaching and learning, technology, and the future of education.

Pre-register for Fusion 2025

July 21–23, 2025 | Savannah, Georgia
Join us at our annual user conference where educators and experts from around the world gather to see and discuss the latest innovations in learning and EdTech.