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D2L Fusion city cover image

D2L Fusion 2021

The Fusion program is packed with session led by D2L experts, partners, and of course our fabulous customers – imagineers shaping the future of learning today!

Keynote Speakers

John Baker Photo

Keynote Presenter

John Baker

President and CEO, D2L

More about John

John Baker Photo

John Baker

President and CEO, D2L

John Baker founded D2L in 1999, at the age of 22, while a student at the University of Waterloo. He envisioned D2L as a global software company dedicated to changing the way the world learns.

John is a strong believer in community involvement and devotes both his personal and business efforts to supporting young entrepreneurs who are developing and applying technology to improve society worldwide. He was appointed to the Governing Council of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. He is also a member (Entrepreneurs’ Circle) of the Business Council of Canada and the Business Higher Education Roundtable, is past chair of the board of Communitech, and is a board member of Canada’s National Ballet School. John has been awarded the Meritorious Service Cross, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Ontario for Software and Technology), the Young Alumni Achievement Medal from the University of Waterloo, and the Intrepid Entrepreneur of the Year in the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame.

John graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honors B.A.Sc. in systems design engineering, with First Class Honors and an option in management sciences.

Jose Miguel Valdes Rodriguez Photo

Fireside Chat Guest

Jose Miguel Valdes Rodriguez

SIDES Student

More about Jose

Jose Miguel Valdes Rodriguez Photo

Jose Miguel Valdes Rodriguez

SIDES Student

Jose is a 12-year-old with a Cuban background who was born in Vancouver, B.C. He showed an interest in science at a very early age. His particular way of learning has allowed him to advance very quickly through the academic grades, and he is planning to graduate from high school next June (2022). Jose’s interest in science has opened many doors for him. He has participated in the Vancouver Island Science fair with two different study projects which won multiple awards. Jose has been invited by the Physics and Astronomy department of the University of Victoria to give talks at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory and at the University of Victoria Observatory. He has also created a YouTube channel and has posted almost 80 science videos on a variety of topics including astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, and more. Jose’s love for science and his academic achievements have been recognized by local news outlets such as CTV News Vancouver Island, the University of Victoria’s newspaper The Martlet, and the Times-Colonist, among others, in which they have portrayed him as “A Brilliant Boy” and “Victoria’s Very Own Child Prodigy”. ​

Karen Flello Photo

Fireside Chat Guest

Karen Flello

Principal of South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)

More about Karen

Karen Flello Photo

Karen Flello

Principal of South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)

Karen Flello is the principal of the South Island Distance Education School (SIDES) located in Saanich, British Columbia. SIDES serves students K – 12 school-aged and adult students who are interested in enhancing or completing their education. Karen started teaching in Victoria in 1990, and she has been an online educator and administrator at SIDES for more than 15 years. Karen loves to find creative ways to support students, and she is always delighted and moved by the stories of equity, opportunity, and success that the SIDES students share.

Cynthia Rodriguez Photo

Fireside Chat Guest

Cynthia Rodriguez Gonzalez

SIDES Parent

More about Cynthia

Cynthia Rodriguez Photo

Cynthia Rodriguez Gonzalez

SIDES Parent

Cynthia emigrated to Canada from Cuba 19 years ago. After working as a professional musician for many years, she made a change to her career, studying Computer Systems Technology at Camosun College. After graduating, she started working at Royal Roads University as a Systems Analyst. She is currently one of the two developers on the Planning and Delivery team which is in charged with developing and maintaining the University’s applications system.

Kenneth Chapman Photo

Solutions Spotlight

Kenneth Chapman

VP of Learning Innovation Advocacy, D2L

More about Kenneth

Kenneth Chapman Photo

Kenneth Chapman

VP of Learning Innovation Advocacy, D2L

Kenneth Chapman is responsible for D2L’s advisory board program, which involves working with top executives, administrators, and educational leaders across the company’s customer base. He is also responsible for analyst and thought leader relations, acting as an advisor to D2L’s senior executives and product leadership group on behalf of the institutions D2L serves.

Deeply passionate about the connection between technology and learning, Kenneth strives to identify how the changing EdTech landscape can help educators transform student outcomes. He joined the original D2L team back in 2003, and has since played a major role in shaping customer support, product management, product design, and market strategy.

Kenneth graduated with distinction from the University of Guelph, holding an Honours Co-op Bachelors in Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Science. He has also subsequently achieved certifications in both product management and project management disciplines.

Aprille Joy Ericsson Photo

Closing Keynote Presenter

Aprille Joy Ericsson

Rocket Scientist, Technologist & STEM Educator

More about Aprille

Aprille Joy Ericsson Photo

Aprille Joy Ericsson

Rocket Scientist, Technologist & STEM Educator

Aprille Joy Ericsson’s career is distinguished by “firsts”, she considers her most prestigious the honor of being the first person of color to receive The Washington Award from the Western Society of Engineers. She is the first African-American female to receive a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University (HU) and the first African-American female to receive a Ph.D. in Engineering at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), where she currently serves as New Business lead for the Instrument Systems and Technology Division.

During her 25+ year tenure with NASA, Dr. Ericsson has worked as Aerospace Engineer, Technologist, Project and Program Manager and Executive. She has taught at both Howard University, University of Maryland, and Bowie State University. Dr. Ericsson has been named one of the top 50 minority women working in science and engineering fields by the National Technical Association and she was ranked 8 of 20 on the 2016 list of the Most Powerful Women Engineers by Business Insider.

Ericsson was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. Raised in the projects of Bedford-Stuyvesant, she began her education being bussed to an elementary school in Brooklyn. She continued to excel academically and was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Minority introduction To Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Science program. During her time at MIT, she was involved in several Aerospace research projects and lead the research for Manned Mars Mission crew systems for interplanetary vehicles for her senior project.

She earned her masters and doctoral degree at Howard University (HU), Washington, D.C., where her research focused on developing practical design procedures for future orbiting space structures, like the Space Station. As an attitude control systems specialist, Ericsson developed and used programs for dynamic modeling simulation, which are invaluable in predetermining the dynamics and structural reactions of spacecraft. Ericsson’s work as an aerospace engineer has presented many opportunities to fulfill her dream of advancing space flight.

She speaks to young people across the country – especially minorities and women – to encourage them to follow in her footsteps. She mentors students every year and 20 years ago she created an email pipeline for groups underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Dr. Ericsson’s many honors and awards include: an Honorary Doctor of Science from Medgar Evers College; The Tau Beta Pi Alumni of Distinction; The Washington Award; The Women’s Network “Top 18 Women Who Will Change the World”; National Technical Association’s “Top 50 Minority Women in Science and Engineering”; the Women in Science and Engineering Award for Engineering Achievement; the Black Engineers Award Conference Special Recognition Award; and several NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Honor Awards.

Dr. Ericsson has always pursued ambitious undertakings and has never shied away from aiming high. In fact, she lives by these words of Norman Vincent Peale: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Barry Dahl Photo


Barry Dahl

Teaching and Learning Advocate, D2L

More about Barry

Barry Dahl Photo

Barry Dahl

Teaching and Learning Advocate, D2L

Barry Dahl is the Teaching & Learning Advocate at D2L.

Prior to D2L, Barry served as the Vice President of Technology and Lake Superior Connect e-Campus at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN, where he was the senior administrator in charge of online learning. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Instructional Technology Council that concentrates on providing useful services to member schools. He has a total of 27 years of work experience within higher education, and also milked his college student career for as long as he possibly could.


Hattie Abretti Picture

Hattie Abretti

Teach First

Chris Alibaruho Picture

Chris Alibaruho


Sheena Allan Picture

Sheena Allan


Dr. Lisa  Andion Picture

Dr. Lisa Andion

Bb Ally

Mario Andrade Picture

Mario Andrade

EXP For School

Dayna Armstrong Picture

Dayna Armstrong


Dr. Celeste Atkins Picture

Dr. Celeste Atkins

University of Arizona

John Baker Picture

John Baker


John  Baker  Picture

John Baker


Stefanie Baldwin Picture

Stefanie Baldwin


Stefanie  Bassett Picture

Stefanie Bassett

Indiana Wesleyan University

Chris Bellini Picture

Chris Bellini


Robert Belliveau Picture

Robert Belliveau

NeonTrain Inc.

Tina Bergman Picture

Tina Bergman


AnnaMaria Bliven Picture

AnnaMaria Bliven


Brady Boswell Picture

Brady Boswell


Cathryn  Brooks-Williams Picture

Cathryn Brooks-Williams

New Mexico Highlands University

Martin Broughton Picture

Martin Broughton

Course Merchant

Frank Brusca Picture

Frank Brusca

Southern New Hampshire University

Mark Bryant Picture

Mark Bryant

University of Arizona

Steve Bryson Picture

Steve Bryson

Waterloo Catholic District School Board

Dr Ellen Buck Picture

Dr Ellen Buck

University of Suffolk

Bruce Burghgraef Picture

Bruce Burghgraef


Aaron Burrell Picture

Aaron Burrell

University of Suffolk

Susan  Caldwell Picture

Susan Caldwell

Longwood Gardens

Flavio Camargo Picture

Flavio Camargo


Lauren Campbell Picture

Lauren Campbell

Longwood Gardens

Rodrigo Capelato Picture

Rodrigo Capelato


Corey  Carter Picture

Corey Carter


Eline Cavalcanti Picture

Eline Cavalcanti


Edina Cejvan Picture

Edina Cejvan

Crystal Delta

Sambhavi Chandrashekar Picture

Sambhavi Chandrashekar


Kenneth Chapman Picture

Kenneth Chapman


Kenneth Chapman  Picture

Kenneth Chapman


Erin Coffin Picture

Erin Coffin


Marcia Conrado Picture

Marcia Conrado


Delia Couto Picture

Delia Couto


Chris Cramer Picture

Chris Cramer

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada

Mary Crawford Picture

Mary Crawford

Southern New Hampshire University

Paige Crump Picture

Paige Crump

Middle Georgia State University

Carrie Curry Picture

Carrie Curry

Delaware Tech

Barry Dahl Picture

Barry Dahl


Chef Ilona  Daniel Picture

Chef Ilona Daniel

Holland College

Jennifer Davis Picture

Jennifer Davis

Sinclair Community College

Niki  Davis Picture

Niki Davis

Southern Illinois University

Robert  Day  Picture

Robert Day

Integrity Advocate

Jamie Dayton Picture

Jamie Dayton


Bianca Del Vecchio Picture

Bianca Del Vecchio


Jesus Deloya  Picture

Jesus Deloya

ALIAT Universidades

Anna  Desmond  Picture

Anna Desmond


Ginger Dewey Picture

Ginger Dewey


Juliana dos Santos Picture

Juliana dos Santos

Emily Dowd-Arrow Picture

Emily Dowd-Arrow

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Danielle D'Souza Picture

Danielle D'Souza

Queen's University

Lorraine Dubuisson Picture

Lorraine Dubuisson

Middle Georgia State University

JP  Dunn Picture

JP Dunn

Southern Illinois University

Dan Ehrlich Picture

Dan Ehrlich


Pascal Elzinga Picture

Pascal Elzinga


Bryan Fair Picture

Bryan Fair

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Helen Farmer Picture

Helen Farmer

Teach First

Zala Fashant Picture

Zala Fashant

Minnesota State

Karen  Flello  Picture

Karen Flello

South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)

Emanuel Fonseca Marinho Picture

Emanuel Fonseca Marinho

João Freitas Picture

João Freitas

Kari Frisch Picture

Kari Frisch

Central Lakes College

Monica Gaertner Picture

Monica Gaertner


Thomas Garrett Picture

Thomas Garrett


Randy Garver Picture

Randy Garver

Columbus State University

Paul Gebb Picture

Paul Gebb

Oklahoma City University

Rebecca Gidjunis Picture

Rebecca Gidjunis

Eastern University

Kory Gilderman Picture

Kory Gilderman

The College of St. Scholastica

Luke Gleadall Picture

Luke Gleadall

Energy Safety Canada

David Gomes Picture

David Gomes


Guilherme Gonçalves Picture

Guilherme Gonçalves


Roberta  Gontijo Picture

Roberta Gontijo


Brigitte Gorgan Picture

Brigitte Gorgan


Elliot  Gowans  Picture

Elliot Gowans


Kiara Graham Picture

Kiara Graham


Krista Greear Picture

Krista Greear

Bb Ally

Nate Green Picture

Nate Green

Flint Hill School

Brigitte  Grogan Picture

Brigitte Grogan


Karen Hahn Picture

Karen Hahn

Saint Leo University

Michael Hakkarinen Picture

Michael Hakkarinen

Harmonize by 42 Lines

Carin Headrick Picture

Carin Headrick


José  Henrique Paim Fernandes  Picture

José Henrique Paim Fernandes

Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Alan Hiddleston Picture

Alan Hiddleston


Selina Idlas Picture

Selina Idlas

Queen's University

Brian Jacobsen Picture

Brian Jacobsen


Greta Jenkins Picture

Greta Jenkins

The College of St. Scholastica

Danny Jerman Picture

Danny Jerman


Shawn Johnston Picture

Shawn Johnston

Anita Joshi Picture

Anita Joshi


Christina Kalel Picture

Christina Kalel

University of Arizona

Sam  Karell Picture

Sam Karell

Bb Ally

Puneet Kaur Picture

Puneet Kaur


Michael Kavanagh Picture

Michael Kavanagh


Jordan Kay Picture

Jordan Kay


Lauren Keefe Picture

Lauren Keefe

West Chester University of PA

Becky  Keith Picture

Becky Keith


Christopher Kline Picture

Christopher Kline

Western Governors University

Jennifer Knott Picture

Jennifer Knott

Columbus State University

Eric Kowalik Picture

Eric Kowalik

Marquette University

Max Kraus Picture

Max Kraus

Otis College of Art and Design

Kassia Kukurudza Picture

Kassia Kukurudza


Anuja Kulkarni Picture

Anuja Kulkarni

Southern New Hampshire University

Foster Kwon Picture

Foster Kwon


Karen LaPlant Picture

Karen LaPlant

Metropolitan State University



Universidad de los Andes

Marisa Lavoratore Picture

Marisa Lavoratore

Queen's University

Carla  Letícia Alvarenga Leite Picture

Carla Letícia Alvarenga Leite


Jeffrey Linek Picture

Jeffrey Linek

Georgia Highlands College

Helen MacLennan Picture

Helen MacLennan

Saint Leo University

Dale Mancini Picture

Dale Mancini

Saint Leo University

Richard Martin Picture

Richard Martin


Lindsay McCardle Picture

Lindsay McCardle


Colleen McIlroy Picture

Colleen McIlroy

Saint Leo University

Brenda McKinley Picture

Brenda McKinley

Sinclair Community College

Angelene McLaren Picture

Angelene McLaren

Saint Leo University

Jeannette McNamara Picture

Jeannette McNamara


Scott McRae Picture

Scott McRae

Energy Safety Canada

Mike Mendenhall Picture

Mike Mendenhall


Sandra Metzger Picture

Sandra Metzger

Indiana Wesleyan University

Amy Miele Picture

Amy Miele

VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.)

Eric Mistry Picture

Eric Mistry

The College of St. Scholastica

Gina Monaghan Picture

Gina Monaghan

Simple Syllabus

Mike Moore Picture

Mike Moore


D2L  Moose Picture

D2L Moose


Keya Mukherjee Picture

Keya Mukherjee

Saint Leo University

Dr Dhaya  Naidoo Picture

Dr Dhaya Naidoo

Tshwane University of Technology

Artur  Nappo Dalla Libera Picture

Artur Nappo Dalla Libera

União Brasileira de Educação Católica

Anita Naravane Picture

Anita Naravane

St. Petersburg college

Jeremy Negrey Picture

Jeremy Negrey


Lirim Neziroski Picture

Lirim Neziroski

Prairie State College

Alison  Nooks Picture

Alison Nooks

Middle Georgia State University

Bruno  Oliveira Picture

Bruno Oliveira


Ronan O'Loughlin Picture

Ronan O'Loughlin

Chartered Accountants Ireland

Leandro Ortunes Picture

Leandro Ortunes

Faculdade Capital Federal

Laura Osborne Picture

Laura Osborne

Stephen F. Austin State University

Christian Pantel Picture

Christian Pantel


Stuart Pedley-Smith Picture

Stuart Pedley-Smith


Joe  Petrusa Picture

Joe Petrusa


Ed  Pettersson Picture

Ed Pettersson


Peter Phinney Picture

Peter Phinney


Jack Pinette Picture

Jack Pinette


Rachael Platt Picture

Rachael Platt

The College of St. Scholastica

Colin Porter Picture

Colin Porter

Southern New Hampshire University

Sadaf Qayumi Picture

Sadaf Qayumi


Andre Quaglia Picture

Andre Quaglia


Lynda Randall Picture

Lynda Randall

California State University, Fullerton

Surekha Rao Picture

Surekha Rao


Everton  Renaud Picture

Everton Renaud

Francisco Reynoso Picture

Francisco Reynoso

Pima Community College, PimaOnline

Scotty Robinson Picture

Scotty Robinson


Cynthia  Rodriguez Gonzalez  Picture

Cynthia Rodriguez Gonzalez

Steve Rogalsky Picture

Steve Rogalsky


Matthew Ross Picture

Matthew Ross

Longwood Gardens

Jeff Rubenstein Picture

Jeff Rubenstein


Tricia Salata Picture

Tricia Salata


Jeff Salin Picture

Jeff Salin


Natalie Salvador Picture

Natalie Salvador

Otis College of Art and Design

Cara Scott Picture

Cara Scott


Dan Semi Picture

Dan Semi


Megan Shuker Picture

Megan Shuker


Jason Silverstein Picture

Jason Silverstein

Delaware Tech

Amy  Smoke Picture

Amy Smoke

Tiffany Snyder Picture

Tiffany Snyder

Indiana Wesleyan University

Arie Sowers Picture

Arie Sowers


Ana  Spike  Picture

Ana Spike


Sarah Starrett Picture

Sarah Starrett

Nipissing University

Jillian Steele Picture

Jillian Steele

University of Ottawa, Teaching and Learning Support Service

Vlad Ster Picture

Vlad Ster


Jeff Stevenson Picture

Jeff Stevenson


Andres Taborda Picture

Andres Taborda


Carla Tamburro Picture

Carla Tamburro

West Chester University of PA

April Tanner Picture

April Tanner


Monti Tanner Picture

Monti Tanner

Calgary Board of Education

Samuel  Tanner Picture

Samuel Tanner

Nottingham Trent University

Lara Tarantini Picture

Lara Tarantini

University of Arizona

Tom Tenney Picture

Tom Tenney

Pima Community College, PimaOnline

Peterson Theodorovicz Picture

Peterson Theodorovicz


Andy Thomas Picture

Andy Thomas

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada

Matthew Thomas Picture

Matthew Thomas

Longwood Gardens

Jenn Tisdale Picture

Jenn Tisdale


Chris Trace Picture

Chris Trace

University of Surrey

Jane Tyerman Picture

Jane Tyerman

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Science

Andy Ugro Picture

Andy Ugro


Jose  Valdes Rodriguez  Picture

Jose Valdes Rodriguez

Alex Valee Picture

Alex Valee


Fernando  Valenzuela  Picture

Fernando Valenzuela

Global Impact EdTech Alliance

Ivo van der Wek Picture

Ivo van der Wek

Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HVA)

Jean-Marie Venturini Picture

Jean-Marie Venturini

Otis College of Art and Design

Betina von Staa Picture

Betina von Staa

Chris Watson Picture

Chris Watson

Bayfield Design

Sean Watt Picture

Sean Watt

Queen's University

Megan Weatherly Picture

Megan Weatherly

Stephen F. Austin State University

Sabrina Wengier Picture

Sabrina Wengier

Middle Georgia State University

Karen Wenz Picture

Karen Wenz

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Holly Whitaker Picture

Holly Whitaker


Ian Williamson Picture

Ian Williamson

New Mexico Highlands University

Nadiya Wilson Picture

Nadiya Wilson


Kathy Wood Picture

Kathy Wood


Steven Woodard Picture

Steven Woodard


Sarah Wright Picture

Sarah Wright


ShiKui Wu Picture

ShiKui Wu

Lakehead University

Frank Yang Picture

Frank Yang

Energy Safety Canada

Sue Yavor Picture

Sue Yavor

Eastern University

Kelly Zepp Picture

Kelly Zepp

Community College Of Denver

Grace Zhu Picture

Grace Zhu

Southern New Hampshire University

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