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The D2L Moose with a signal to say that it's showtime.

D2L Fusion 2020


As with any big mission, 18 days of Fusion required a heroic team effort. Our program was jam-packed with epic sessions led by a diverse squad of learning superheroes—from our inspiring customers to your friendly neighborhood D2L experts.

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Featured Speakers

John Baker Photo

Keynote speaker

John Baker

President and CEO, D2L

Gregory W. Fowler, Ph.D. Photo

Guest speaker

Gregory W. Fowler, Ph.D.

President, Global Campus- Southern New Hampshire University

Tiana Brown Photo

July Guest speaker

Tiana Brown

Student at Southern New Hampshire University

Mahadeo Sukhai Photo

July Featured speaker

Mahadeo Sukhai

Chief Accessibility Officer, CNIB

Laura Herring Photo

July Featured speaker

Laura Herring

Coordinator of Technology Integration, Gwinnett Online Campus

Nick Oddson Photo

Solutions spotlight

Nick Oddson

Chief Technology Officer, D2L

April Oman Photo

Solutions spotlight

April Oman

Senior VP Customer Experience, D2L

David Koehn Photo

Solutions spotlight

David Koehn

Senior VP Product Management, D2L

Maya Reis Photo

July Guest speaker

Maya Reis

Student at Sir Edgar Bauer Catholic Elementary School

Carlos Rivers Photo

Aug Featured speaker

Carlos Rivers

Operations Research Analyst, Texas A&M Commerce

George Swindell Photo

Aug Featured speaker

George Swindell

Assistant Professional Faculty, Texas A&M Commerce

Chelsie Dubay Photo

Sept Featured speaker

Chelsie Dubay

Internet Program Support Coordinator, East Tennessee State University

Jeremy Auger Photo

Keynote speaker

Jeremy Auger

Chief Strategy Officer, D2L

Angela Reid Photo

Oct Featured speaker

Angela Reid

Instructional Designer, University System of Georgia eCampus

Christine Voelkner Photo

Nov Featured speaker

Christine Voelker

Director, K12 Program, Quality Matters

Laura Osborne Photo

Dec Featured speaker

Laura Osborne

Faculty Training & Certification Coordinator, Stephen F. Austin State University

Barry Dahl Photo


Barry Dahl

Teaching and Learning Advocate, D2L

D2L Excellence Award Winner Speakers


Gary Abbott Picture

Gary Abbott


Sheridan  Adams Picture

Sheridan Adams

Center of Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) at the University of Maine

Tracy Adkins Burge Picture

Tracy Adkins Burge

Georgia State University

Mfon Akpan Picture

Mfon Akpan

Savannah College of Art and Design

Sheena Allen Picture

Sheena Allen


Matthew Alvarez-Rysvay Picture

Matthew Alvarez-Rysvay

Colorado Community College System

Michael  Amick Picture

Michael Amick

Pima Community College

Restiani Andriati Picture

Restiani Andriati

Ryerson University

Humberto  Aquino Picture

Humberto Aquino


Jackie Araujo Picture

Jackie Araujo

Waterloo Region DSB

Dayna Armstrong Picture

Dayna Armstrong


Andrew Atkinson Picture

Andrew Atkinson


Jeremy Auger Picture

Jeremy Auger


Christine Austin Picture

Christine Austin

Gwinnett Online Campus

John Baker Picture

John Baker


Beverly Bastness Picture

Beverly Bastness

South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)

John  Bayerl Picture

John Bayerl

Minnesota State College Southeast

Courtney Beach Picture

Courtney Beach

University of Virginia

Patrick  Beh Picture

Patrick Beh


Rob Belliveau Picture

Rob Belliveau

Halifax Fire

Howie Bender Picture

Howie Bender


Alex Benedict Picture

Alex Benedict

Regis University

Steve Bentley Picture

Steve Bentley

University of Huddersfield

Ana Maria  Berruecos Picture

Ana Maria Berruecos

Norman Bier Picture

Norman Bier

Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew Bieronski Picture

Andrew Bieronski

Waterloo Region DSB

Heidi Blair Picture

Heidi Blair

Regis University

Robin  Bloomfield Picture

Robin Bloomfield


Thor Blount Picture

Thor Blount

Vanessa Bono Picture

Vanessa Bono


Brady Boswell Picture

Brady Boswell

Indiana Wesleyan University

Bettyjo  Bouchey Picture

Bettyjo Bouchey

National Louis University

Martin  Bradley Picture

Martin Bradley


Angela Brodsky Picture

Angela Brodsky

Martin  Broughton  Picture

Martin Broughton

Course Merchant

Cary Brown Picture

Cary Brown

IMS Global Learning Consortium

Tiana Brown Picture

Tiana Brown

Southern New Hampshire University

Patrick  Brunet Picture

Patrick Brunet


Ellen Buck Picture

Ellen Buck

University of Suffolk

Melody Buckner Picture

Melody Buckner

University of Arizona

David Burnham Picture

David Burnham


Aaron Burrell Picture

Aaron Burrell

University of Suffolk

Tanessa Busch Picture

Tanessa Busch


Kathleen Callahan Picture

Kathleen Callahan

Southern New Hampshire University

Flavio  Camargo Picture

Flavio Camargo


Rodrigo  Capelato Picture

Rodrigo Capelato

Carrie Carr Picture

Carrie Carr


Sambhavi Chandrashekar Picture

Sambhavi Chandrashekar


Joseph Chapman Picture

Joseph Chapman


Ken Chapman Picture

Ken Chapman


Mike Condon Picture

Mike Condon


Patrick  Cool Picture

Patrick Cool

Ghent University

Rebecca Cooper Picture

Rebecca Cooper

Georgia Gwinnett College

Juliano  Costa Picture

Juliano Costa

Michael Cottam Picture

Michael Cottam

American Public University System

Cesar  Cruz Picture

Cesar Cruz

Jeff  Cummings Picture

Jeff Cummings

Wellington Catholic District School Board

Erin Czerwinski Picture

Erin Czerwinski

Carnegie Mellon University

Barry Dahl Picture

Barry Dahl


Chef Ilona  Daniel Picture

Chef Ilona Daniel

Holland College

Holly  Davis Picture

Holly Davis

Pima Community College

Erica Dawson Picture

Erica Dawson

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Robert Day Picture

Robert Day

Integrity Advocate

Mark  Deans Picture

Mark Deans

West Bridgford School

Bianca Del Vecchio Picture

Bianca Del Vecchio


Stacy Denunzio Picture

Stacy Denunzio


Ginger Dewey Picture

Ginger Dewey


Richard Dietzel Picture

Richard Dietzel

Keiser University

Kimberly Dillon Picture

Kimberly Dillon

Aspen University

Nick Dingle Picture

Nick Dingle


Tricia  Donovan, Ph.D. Picture

Tricia Donovan, Ph.D.

Nova Scotia Community College

Emily Douwes Picture

Emily Douwes

Bayfield Design

Chelsie Dubay Picture

Chelsie Dubay

East Tennessee State University

JP Dunn Picture

JP Dunn

Southern Illinois University

Henry Ecker Picture

Henry Ecker

Piedmont Technical College

Dan Ehrlich Picture

Dan Ehrlich


Wayne Elliott Picture

Wayne Elliott

Monmouth University

John Englander Picture

John Englander

VHS Learning

Wynand Espach Picture

Wynand Espach

Agricolleges International

Katrina Espanol-Miller Picture

Katrina Espanol-Miller

McMaster University

Michelle  Fach Picture

Michelle Fach

University of Guelph

Michael Feldstein Picture

Michael Feldstein


Allison Fitzgibbon Picture

Allison Fitzgibbon

Sheridan College

Howard E.  Fooksman, Sr. Picture

Howard E. Fooksman, Sr.


Dr. Gregory W.  Fowler, Ph.D. Picture

Dr. Gregory W. Fowler, Ph.D.

Southern New Hampshire University

Daniel Franklin Picture

Daniel Franklin

Ryerson University

Kari Frisch Picture

Kari Frisch

Central Lakes College

Crystal Fulton Picture

Crystal Fulton

University College Dublin

Monica  Gaertner Picture

Monica Gaertner


Ernesto  Garnica Picture

Ernesto Garnica

Scott Gasper Picture

Scott Gasper

Kelly  Gatewood Picture

Kelly Gatewood

Keiser University

Paul Gebb Picture

Paul Gebb

Oklahoma City University

Jeff Geurts Picture

Jeff Geurts


Eric Gibbs Picture

Eric Gibbs


Rebecca Gidjunis Picture

Rebecca Gidjunis

Eastern University

Cristina  Gimenez Picture

Cristina Gimenez

Laura Girard Picture

Laura Girard

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Ted Girard Picture

Ted Girard


Ivy Gregory Picture

Ivy Gregory


Neil Griffin Picture

Neil Griffin

Spartanburg Community College

Tim Groves Picture

Tim Groves

Vanderbilt University

Matt  Hadgis Picture

Matt Hadgis


Karen Hahn Picture

Karen Hahn

Saint Leo University

Neil Hair Picture

Neil Hair

Rochester Institute of Technology

Elizabeth  Hanna Picture

Elizabeth Hanna


Gretchen Hanson Picture

Gretchen Hanson


Wendy Hanwell Picture

Wendy Hanwell

Southern New Hampshire University

David Harpool Picture

David Harpool

Northcentral University

Douglas  Harrison Picture

Douglas Harrison

University of Maryland Global Campus

Shari Harrison Picture

Shari Harrison

Northern Lights College

Celso  Hartmann Picture

Celso Hartmann

Scott Haselwood Picture

Scott Haselwood

Oklahoma City University

Dereck Haskins Picture

Dereck Haskins

IMS Global Learning Consortium

Carin  Headrick Picture

Carin Headrick


Chayla  Heath Picture

Chayla Heath

New Brunswick Community College

Esteban Hernandez Picture

Esteban Hernandez

Eastern University

Eliana  Herrera Picture

Eliana Herrera


Laura Herring Picture

Laura Herring

Gwinnett Online Campus

Devin  Hillenius Picture

Devin Hillenius


Kevin Ho Picture

Kevin Ho


Christopher Hookway Picture

Christopher Hookway

Southern New Hampshire University

David Horne Picture

David Horne


Roxanne Hotte Picture

Roxanne Hotte

CSC MonAvenir

Rachel Hudish Picture

Rachel Hudish

EdTech Solutions, LLC

Phil Ice Picture

Phil Ice


Brian Jacobsen Picture

Brian Jacobsen


Ian Jaffe Picture

Ian Jaffe


Mani  Jagadeesan Picture

Mani Jagadeesan


Gabriele Janes Picture

Gabriele Janes


Luke Jankovic Picture

Luke Jankovic


Laura Janusek Picture

Laura Janusek


Paul Janzen Picture

Paul Janzen


Neil Jensen Picture

Neil Jensen


Danny  Jerman Picture

Danny Jerman


Christina Johnson Picture

Christina Johnson


Robert  Karmelich Picture

Robert Karmelich


Lexi  Keast Picture

Lexi Keast

New Brunswick Community College

Rob Kershaw Picture

Rob Kershaw

Algonquin College

Kim  Knab Picture

Kim Knab


David Koehn Picture

David Koehn


Melissa Koenig Picture

Melissa Koenig

DePaul University

Margaret  Korosec Picture

Margaret Korosec


Matt Koss Picture

Matt Koss

Michigan State University

Kevin Kowal Picture

Kevin Kowal


Joshua Kozinski Picture

Joshua Kozinski


Charles Kroger Picture

Charles Kroger


Jon Kruithof Picture

Jon Kruithof

McMaster University

Brent  Lacy  Picture

Brent Lacy


Emma Laing Picture

Emma Laing

Southern New Hampshire University

Danielle Lamothe Picture

Danielle Lamothe


Karen LaPlant Picture

Karen LaPlant

Metropolitan State University

Jennifer  Lasater Picture

Jennifer Lasater

Purdue University Global

Jacques  Le Normand  Picture

Jacques Le Normand

McGill School of Continuing Studies

John Leh Picture

John Leh

Talented Learning

Marlena Leon Mendoza Leon Mendoza Picture

Marlena Leon Mendoza Leon Mendoza

Cristina  Lima  Picture

Cristina Lima

Carol  Linton Picture

Carol Linton

Northeastern Technical College

Justin L'Italien Picture

Justin L'Italien

Southern New Hampshire University

Patrick Liu Picture

Patrick Liu

CSC MonAvenir

Fred  Lokken Picture

Fred Lokken

Truckee Meadows Community College

Jennifer Long Picture

Jennifer Long

Harvard Business Publishing

Carlos  Longo Picture

Carlos Longo

Shane  Lovelletter Picture

Shane Lovelletter


Khara Lukancic Picture

Khara Lukancic

Center for Teaching Excellence, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Rosemary Lundberg Picture

Rosemary Lundberg


Kim Lynch Picture

Kim Lynch

Minnesota State

Angela  MacFarlane Picture

Angela MacFarlane

Holland College

Ron MacLean Picture

Ron MacLean

Harvard Business Publishing

Matias  Marabotto  Picture

Matias Marabotto


Colin Marlaire Picture

Colin Marlaire

Northcentral University

Dra. Ana Maria  Mass Picture

Dra. Ana Maria Mass

Jane Mathers Picture

Jane Mathers


James Matthews Picture

James Matthews

University College Dublin

David McGeary Picture

David McGeary


Colleen McIlroy Picture

Colleen McIlroy

Saint Leo University

Emily McLellan Picture

Emily McLellan


Jeannette  McNamara Picture

Jeannette McNamara


Mike Mendendall Picture

Mike Mendendall

Indiana Wesleyan University

Sandy Millar Picture

Sandy Millar

Waterloo Region DSB

Plamen Miltenoff Picture

Plamen Miltenoff


Dr. Kara Mitchelmore Picture

Dr. Kara Mitchelmore


Gregory Moore Picture

Gregory Moore

MGH Institute of Health Professions

Mike Moore Picture

Mike Moore


Colin Moran Picture

Colin Moran

Irish Rugby Football Union

Cali  Morrison Picture

Cali Morrison

American Public University System

Kyle Motsinger Picture

Kyle Motsinger

University of Central Oklahoma

Ruth Mullen Picture

Ruth Mullen


Kristin  Mulligan Picture

Kristin Mulligan

PowerED by Athabasca University

Emilio  Munaro Picture

Emilio Munaro

Amy Nadeau Picture

Amy Nadeau

Southern New Hampshire University

Trent Nebelung Picture

Trent Nebelung

National Education Partners

Jeremy Negrey Picture

Jeremy Negrey


Jacqueline  Nelles Picture

Jacqueline Nelles


Loretta Neufeld VandeSande  Picture

Loretta Neufeld VandeSande

Waterloo District School Board

Sharon Newmaster Picture

Sharon Newmaster

Waterloo District School Board

Patricia Nunally Picture

Patricia Nunally

Southwest Tennessee Community College

Tom OConnor Picture

Tom OConnor

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Nick Oddson Picture

Nick Oddson


Bruno  Oliveira Picture

Bruno Oliveira

April Oman Picture

April Oman


Emma  O'Neill Picture

Emma O'Neill

University College Dublin

Jennifer Oquist Picture

Jennifer Oquist

Southern New Hampshire University

Laura Osborne Picture

Laura Osborne

Stephen F. Austin State University

Meredith Painter Picture

Meredith Painter

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

Jeferson Pandolfo Pandolfo Picture

Jeferson Pandolfo Pandolfo

Carli Parsons Picture

Carli Parsons

Waterloo Region DSB

Lena Paulo Kushnir Picture

Lena Paulo Kushnir

University of Guelph

Stuart Pedley-Smith Picture

Stuart Pedley-Smith


Sasha Perkins Picture

Sasha Perkins


Alan Peterka Picture

Alan Peterka

Kirkwood Community College

Jack Pinette Picture

Jack Pinette


Michelle Piper Picture

Michelle Piper


David Pletsch Picture

David Pletsch

Waterloo Region DSB

Sadaf Qayumi Picture

Sadaf Qayumi


Carolin Radtke Picture

Carolin Radtke

University of the Highlands and Islands

Angela  Reid Picture

Angela Reid

USG eCampus

Tonya  Riney Picture

Tonya Riney


Kristin Rivedal Picture

Kristin Rivedal


Carlos Rivers Picture

Carlos Rivers

Texas A&M University

David Robinson Picture

David Robinson

Georgia Gwinnett College

Scotty Robinson Picture

Scotty Robinson


Steve Rogalsky Picture

Steve Rogalsky


Jeff Rubenstein Picture

Jeff Rubenstein


Carol S. Spalding, Ed.D. Picture

Carol S. Spalding, Ed.D.

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

Greg Sabatine Picture

Greg Sabatine

University of Guelph

Suad Sakalli Gumus Picture

Suad Sakalli Gumus

Saint Mary of the Woods College

Jeff Salin Picture

Jeff Salin


Mario  Sanchez Picture

Mario Sanchez


Alberto  Sancho Picture

Alberto Sancho

Michel  Sandri Lima Picture

Michel Sandri Lima


Jen  Sands Picture

Jen Sands

USG eCampus

Karen  Sasaki Picture

Karen Sasaki

Juliana  Scarpa Picture

Juliana Scarpa

Suzanne Schlangen Picture

Suzanne Schlangen

Minnesota State colleges and universities

Valerie  Schreiner Picture

Valerie Schreiner


Barrett Schwarz  Picture

Barrett Schwarz

The University of Memphis

Cara  Scott  Picture

Cara Scott


Jessica Scott Picture

Jessica Scott

Athabasca University

John Scott Picture

John Scott


Amanda  Scott Born Picture

Amanda Scott Born

Watermark Insights

Dan Semi Picture

Dan Semi


Rebecca  Seoane Picture

Rebecca Seoane

Christopher  Sessums Picture

Christopher Sessums


Eugenio  Severin Picture

Eugenio Severin

Lara Shantz Picture

Lara Shantz

Waterloo District School Board

Katie Sharpe Picture

Katie Sharpe

The University of Memphis

Kimiko Shibata Picture

Kimiko Shibata

Waterloo District School Board

Stephanie Shipley Picture

Stephanie Shipley

Pellissippi State Community College

Joe  Sisco Picture

Joe Sisco


Kannan Sivaprakasam Picture

Kannan Sivaprakasam

St. Cloud State University

Jill Skene Picture

Jill Skene


Brandon Smith Picture

Brandon Smith

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Tiffany Snyder Picture

Tiffany Snyder

Indiana Wesleyan University

Kristin Sokol Picture

Kristin Sokol

Gwinnett Online Campus

Karen Somerville Picture

Karen Somerville

American Nurses Association

Jonathan Sorrenti Picture

Jonathan Sorrenti

Midlands Technical College

Arie  Sowers Picture

Arie Sowers


Erin Steed Picture

Erin Steed


Ian  Stephenson Picture

Ian Stephenson

PowerED Athabasca University

Jeff Stevenson Picture

Jeff Stevenson


Sheri Stover Picture

Sheri Stover

Wright State University

Randolph Streich Picture

Randolph Streich


Danyelle Stuckart Picture

Danyelle Stuckart

Southern New Hampshire University

Dr. Alastair  Stutt Picture

Dr. Alastair Stutt

West Bridgford School

Mahadeo Sukhai Picture

Mahadeo Sukhai


Maria Fernanda  Suss Picture

Maria Fernanda Suss

George  Swindell Picture

George Swindell

Texas A&M University

Phil Tallman Picture

Phil Tallman

Harmonize by 42 Lines

Patrick  Tangredi Picture

Patrick Tangredi

Portland Community College

Stephanie Taylor Picture

Stephanie Taylor


Amrita Thakur Picture

Amrita Thakur


Peterson  Theodorovicz Picture

Peterson Theodorovicz


Sue Tischendorf Picture

Sue Tischendorf

Normandale CC

Jennifer Tisdale Picture

Jennifer Tisdale


Lisa  Toland Picture

Lisa Toland

Piedmont Technical College

Jason  Tyszko Picture

Jason Tyszko

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Sheila Unwin Picture

Sheila Unwin

Aspen University

José  Valdez Cotera Picture

José Valdez Cotera

Fernando  Valenzuela Picture

Fernando Valenzuela

Joshua  van Wijk Picture

Joshua van Wijk


Scott Vann Picture

Scott Vann

University of Memphis

Fausto  Vasco Picture

Fausto Vasco

Dessi  Vasevski Picture

Dessi Vasevski

Oakton Community College

Christine Voelker Picture

Christine Voelker

Quality Matters

Betina  von Staa Picture

Betina von Staa

Carolyn Vos Picture

Carolyn Vos

DePaul University

Kim Vossen Picture

Kim Vossen

Minnesota State colleges and universities

Helena Wahlstrom Picture

Helena Wahlstrom

Southern New Hampshire University

Megan Walker Picture

Megan Walker


Storie Walsh Picture

Storie Walsh

VHS Learning

Amy Waters Picture

Amy Waters

The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Craig Weiss Picture

Craig Weiss

Craig Weiss Group

Lori Wendt Picture

Lori Wendt

Parkland College

Julie Wenz Picture

Julie Wenz

Flathead Valley Community College

Karen Wenz Picture

Karen Wenz

Minnesota State colleges and universities

Jonathan Werth Picture

Jonathan Werth

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Amber West Picture

Amber West


Warren White Picture

Warren White

South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)

Stephanie Wickman Picture

Stephanie Wickman

Front Range Community College

Heather Williams Picture

Heather Williams


Nadiya Wilson Picture

Nadiya Wilson


Steven Woodard Picture

Steven Woodard


Kathy Wright Picture

Kathy Wright

Advance HE

Sue Yavor Picture

Sue Yavor

Eastern University

Ian Zakharov Picture

Ian Zakharov


Nathan Zehr Picture

Nathan Zehr

Waterloo Region DSB

Fiona Zhang Picture

Fiona Zhang


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