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Brightspace Core

More than just a learning management system (LMS), Brightspace Core combines the powerful tools, services, and support you need to deliver a best-in-class teaching and learning experience for faculty and students—all in one convenient package.

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Screenshots of the intuitive desktop and mobile interfaces in Brightspace Core for Higher Education

Save time with intuitive, mobile-first design.

  • Brightspace offers a great mobile experience for faculty and students on any device through a responsive design, which adapts to any screen size, paired with mobile apps to optimize common tasks.
  • Award-winning accessibility features make it easy for students to navigate tools using assistive technologies.
  • An intuitive interface and built-in templates make it easy for instructors to design courses, create content, and grade assignments.
Screenshot of engaging course content in Brightspace for Higher Education

Keep students progressing with engaging course content.

  • Add some personality directly to course content with in-line audio, video, and other media from internal sources, content repositories, or external sites.
  • Help increase engagement with integrated video capabilities that allow you to use video-based assessments, web conferencing, and embedded feedback.
  • Students can document and share their learning journey as it happens with the Portfolio tool.
Screenshot of personalized learning experience in Brightspace for Higher Education

Motivate learners with personalized learning experiences.

  • Motivate students by gamifying the course and recognizing their individual achievements with awards and certificates.
  • It’s easy to share content with the class due to an integration with Google Drive and the ability to post media from the YouTube™ video community or other favorite sites.
  • Different course delivery methods or pedagogical approaches, including blended, online, and competency based-education, can be explored to suit your learners’ needs.
Screenshot of Brightspace Quick Eval

Enhance teaching with powerful tools for faculty.

  • Quickly assess work and provide feedback across all courses from one location with Quick Eval.
  • Easily provide meaningful feedback with in-line annotations on documents, rubrics, and feedback via audio and video.
  • Easily post announcements, links to content, and assignments on a single page with the activity feed. Use one spot for you to update and one spot for your students to check.

Screenshot of Class Progress in laptop

Make data-driven decisions with built-in analytics.

  • Faculty can quickly compare each learner’s performance in the course using the Class Progress Dashboard.
  • Student-level reports and detailed grade statistics allow granular analysis of learners’ performance to help them improve.
  • Access to learner data allows you to analyze it with business intelligence tools or integrate with your SIS student information system and other systems.

Partner with our experts for the service and support you need.

  • A personalized implementation and training experience focuses on what you need and eliminates what you don’t, optimizing time and resources.
  • Brightspace Community is an interactive space for all users to explore to find answers to questions, share ideas and experiences, connect with peers and D2L experts, and more.
  • The Approved Support Contact (ASC) portal makes it quick and easy for your LMS admins to connect with Brightspace support and leverage resources and tools to keep things running smoothly.
  • Brightspace Core detailed features

    • Learning Environment
      An innovative, cloud-based learning management system for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources. It contains a flexible suite of tools for creating custom content as well as adding content from other tools.
    • Learning Repository
      An online library for storing, managing, and sharing your learning resources. Connects seamlessly with the Brightspace Learning Environment.
    • Activity Feed
      From one central spot on a course home page, faculty and students can communicate easily about upcoming assignments, new content, or discussions, knowing that their content will be seen by everyone.
    • Content Experience
      An intuitive way to create content aligned to outcomes in a course. It includes a variety of ways to add content, including the Brightspace Editor, linking to Google Drive, OneDrive™️, web links, videos, external learning activities, and more.
    • Portfolio
      Students can document and share their learning journey with the Portfolio tool. The mobile app (included) allows students to capture photos or videos of their learning as it happens, record their thoughts and reflections, and then share with instructors. Students can then manage and organize their Portfolio in the school’s Brightspace account, demonstrating growth over time against learning outcomes.
    • Mobile Apps
      Our mobile apps are optimized to make it super easy to complete the tasks that people want to tackle quickly while on the go—all with offline access and notifications to stay on track.
    • Virtual Classrooms
      A seamless way to connect face-to-face over video with multiple parties for instruction, assessment, and feedback. Schedule live discussions, office hours, video-based training, and more.
    • Video Assignments
      Structured video workflows allow for repeated skill practice and knowledge application within a real-world context. By using a variety of feedback tools, learners get personalized, pointed feedback from evaluators and peers.
    • Basic Support
      Quickly connects LMS administrators to the resources and support they need to get the most out of Brightspace—24x7x365.
    • LDAP Authentication
      The LDAP/AD integration allows users to log in to the Learning Environment using credentials found in the school’s Active Directory server.

    • Closed Captions for Video Note
      Video Note allows users to record short videos and add them anywhere where the HTML editor is available. To help ensure all users can learn without barriers, closed captions are automatically created.
    • Single Sign-On
      To access a Brightspace platform-based application without having to log in, that is, without having to enter username and password credentials each time, single sign-on is available.
    • Standard SIS Integration
      The Standard SIS Integration allows your Student (or Human Resources) Information System (SIS or HRIS) to push data to Brightspace through standard CSV, Ellucian ILP, or APIs.
    • Course Conversion
      Import course content from supported learning management systems and content providers into Brightspace.
    • APIs
      Developers can use APIs to access and integrate the functionality of Brightspace with other applications and to create new applications.
    • Automation Tools
      Automate a number of daily tasks with course batch and course conversion tools.
    • Disaster Recovery
      Brightspace is a cloud-based learning platform, innovatively architected to support an active/active deployment model across AWS availability zones, offering you maximum reliability, availability, security, and peace of mind.
    • Customer Access
      Advocacy beyond support—regular communication and best practices to drive adoption.
    • Data Hub
      The Data Hub tool allows administrators to access predefined collections of data (data sets) from the Brightspace platform.
    • Quick Eval
      Pulls together submissions from a variety of courses and tools to create a single list of the work to be completed. Easily prioritize by sorting and filtering.
    • Discover
      Learners can drive their own learning by searching for, finding, and self-enrolling in courses that help them achieve their learning goals.
    • Learning Paths
      Deliver guided learning with Brightspace by using Learning Paths to group multiple courses into a logical, easy-to-follow path.
    • Brightspace Community
      The Brightspace Community is a great place to interact with other Brightspace users online, and get the latest information on Brightspace.

    Blend seamlessly with your technology ecosystem.

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