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What’s driving the vision for the University of the future?

Explore how universities can embrace the opportunity to reimagine the university of the future.

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To remain competitive—and relevant—the University of the future must focus on delivering a more personalised learner journey. At the same time as giving each student the best possible educational and cultural experience, they must also bridge the widening skills gap that exists between education and an increasingly competitive work market. Added to this is a growing desire for universities to strengthen their blended online and offline learning capabilities, which enable them to cater to a broader range of students. To achieve this vision, higher education providers are having to make sweeping changes from an organisational, technological and pedagogical perspective.

Blended and hybrid learning

Many institutions have already outlined their vision for a model where traditional campus-based learning can be combined with a more blended or hybrid approach. This enables them to cater to a broader range of students—incorporating distance or overseas learning or degree apprenticeships, for example. Most either have or are in the process of redefining their teaching delivery to ensure the highest possible outcomes for every type of learner.

For some, plans to implement these strategies have been set out over a three to five-year period. But the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has forced South African universities to accelerate these plans, which has not been ideal for any institution. And while some have coped with the enforced changes better than others, the world will have changed for all universities from this moment on.

Download this eBook to explore how South African universities can embrace the opportunity to reimagine the University of the Future.

This eBook takes an in-depth look at what the future holds for the sector in the region. We interviewed universities from South Africa to understand how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected their institutions and how they plan to deliver value to an increasingly diverse range of students.