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The D2L Champions Program is all about recognising our clients as innovative leaders in learning. We partner with advocates to celebrate their achievements, broaden their impact, and empower them to shape the future of learning technology.

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Collaboration between faculty and students is a priority at Delft University of Technology. Listen firsthand to higher education students using Brightspace about how the system allows them better access to course information, grades, and instructor feedback from desktop and mobile devices. Video Transcript  The consistency of the course layout is very important for both teachers and students, it just makes it a lot more easier to use the learning environment and actually focus on what they really should be focusing on like learning and collaborating.  I can access grades or assignments or quizzes or everything, PDFs I can access just on my laptop at my home and also on my mobile phone, on my tablet and on the train or somewhere else, not only at the university and I think that helps my need to learn even better and learn even faster. The really easy thing about Brightspace is the way that it looks, it’s really easy to recognise visually what course you’re going to enter. It looks very clean, very modern, very fresh. If the course structure is not clear then the students might miss information, might actually miss exams, might miss deadlines, so it’s just a big risk and just proceeding you know with their studies. So we really want to prevent that, we made sure that we checked with students from different faculties in different disciplines and different types of education that what we were doing in Brightspace would actually meet their needs.  You can see right away okay what do I have to do in the next period when are the submissions due, when do I have to hand in something, who can I contact if I don’t know what to do anymore, because of the structure it’s very easy to go to another course and be like ‘oh, this is a different course what should I do here, it’s an assessment, oh I go to assessment’ and it’s very clear what you have to do and it saves you a lot of time. You can do other things with it of course. By accessing content assignments and grades everywhere it just really gives a really fast feedback to me and that’s good for my progress in the study. It’s really easy to just learn everywhere.  You can hand in your assignment and the teacher will get it like right away so when he’s done with it he will get your answers and your grades right away, and it will enter in a grade book so it will keep track of all your grades during the time which is very like consistent and nice to have all together instead of all those different tools.