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Custom eLearning Development

Go beyond great content. Make learning come alive.

With in-house expertise in course development and instructional design, D2L Learning Services will help you deliver engaging, effective and easy-to-use teaching and learning experiences.

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Your Success Is Our Mission

Reach your goals quickly and efficiently, whether you’re starting from scratch or already on your way. Our teams can join forces, or we can handle all the heavy lifting. With a fleet of expertise and proven design strategies, we help you create easy-to-use, engaging and effective learning experiences.

How We Can Help

Learning Experience and Program Design

Confidently launch new programs with critical guidance from our learning specialists. Our expertise in persona and journey mapping helps weave a strong content, assessment and launch strategy into your course designs.

Instructional Design and Development

Go above and beyond captivating content. Work with our experienced team to develop the most engaging and effective learning experiences that drive the outcomes you need to succeed.

Custom Media, Interactives and Assessments

Extend the functionality of the D2L Brightspace platform, create unique learning pathways and experiences, and surface information to learners and instructors in effective ways.

Learning Services

Get Expert Guidance at
Every Step

  • Turn your vision into reality with an experienced team.
  • Collaborate on a detailed plan to hit your goals.
  • Give your team the knowledge and tools they need.
  • Drive adoption, engagement and learner outcomes.
  • Strengthen your strategy with best practices and sound pedagogy.
  • Deliver the right outcomes with powerful analytics and reporting tools.

Engage Your Learners

  • Elevate your course content with Brightspace-savvy instructional designers and developers.
  • Cement a consistent learning experience across in-class, online, blended or hybrid modalities.
  • Create interactive, accessible, responsive course content with HTML templates built for Brightspace.
  • Boost engagement with immersive learning tools like custom widgets, branded badges and gamification.

FAQs About D2L Learning Services

  • Since the very beginning of D2L, more than 20 years ago, our Learning Services team has been creating custom eLearning solutions that go beyond engaging and effective—they stick like glue and leave a lasting impact. With unrivaled expertise, we take our clients on a journey of transformation. When education technology is easy to use, captivating and efficient, it sparks genuine change in people’s lives. We aren’t in the business of cookie-cutter solutions. Each learning experience we create is as unique as the learners who use it.

  • Our process draws on a long history of design excellence. We live and breathe the latest eLearning design strategies—such as hyflex, AI, authentic assessments, micro-credentialing and adaptive competency-based education—to create fully accessible, easy-to-use learning experiences. Our team designs and develops experiences that engage learners with interactive content, transmit key concepts and skills, and foster learning communities. With 1000+ clients worldwide and years of wisdom under our belt, we can efficiently deliver unforgettable learning experiences to your learners.

    First, we assess your current offerings. With our Course Design Action Plan, we quickly determine where to focus our attention to best serve your project. If you’re starting from scratch, we help with the essential elements of creating the best possible learning experience. If you’re looking to improve an experience, we uplift and enrich your existing content, assessments and learner support by introducing strategies that enhance learner development and foster a sense of community. No matter your needs or goals, our team helps lead your organization to success.

    Plan, design, develop, launch—that’s our approach based on years of experience. All coursework projects have a project manager and an instructional designer who coordinate course outcomes, content and assessment strategies. With a fleet of expertise across modalities and assessment practices, you can confidently deliver the most engaging and effective learning experiences. Before putting your materials into the Brightspace platform, we go through an iterative design process that includes internal and stakeholder reviews for quality assurance. Then we launch the experience in your Brightspace environment. As a last step, we provide your team with documentation and training on how to keep everything up to date.

  • We can support content creation on any subject but require access to a subject matter expert to verify the work. With a focus on learner-centered design, our instructional designers have developed learning experiences for pretty much any subject, level of education or corporate context you can think of.

  • HTML offers greater flexibility than authoring tools that limit learning opportunities. It lets us fully brand and personalize your course design so you can deliver the most individualized learning experience. Also, HTML enables a mobile-first approach to ensure accessibility standards are fully met.

  • Our team can ramp up quickly to deliver courses in as little as 3–4 weeks depending on course size and features. With our proven approaches we can deliver content efficiently and effectively.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

While we can develop content within the platform, there’s a whole other level of interactivity that the Learning Services team brings to the content. Sapna Goel Director, Brand Engagement and Content, Canada’s National Ballet School
The organization of the LCS team was a huge help to us. They helped us to structure our development process and keep us on track in ways that we haven’t been able to before. They showed us how the process could optimally be completed. Additionally, the LCS team is extremely easy to work with and flexible. They tailored the service to our needs and were responsive when we needed to make changes to a project. Gregory Moore Instructional Technology Manager, MGH Institute of Health Professions
We had a goal to support students and their engagement at a Program level, with a vision to provide academic advisors real time data. The experience with Learning Services with Learning Analytics allowed us to take what we created, remove manual processes, and formalized it. We were able to create the reports in a scalable way across the University, and provide support to a broader amount of students than before. John Wyatt Project Manager, University of Dublin School of Veterinary Medicine
With our initial plan, I was hesitant to engage D2L Learning Services, because we have great designers in our own team. But the two-week runway changed my mind! Once we started working with the D2L designers, it was so seamless and so amazing. Together, we came up with a launch plan, working out what we needed to get off the ground and what we could roll out in later iterations. Jenelle Hodges Director of Digital Learning, CHIME
Much of our content is very technical, so it can be heavy going for learners. D2L made it much more interactive, more appealing and more professional-looking. It was a super-positive experience working with D2L’s Learning Services team. Sophie Webber Head of Training and Events, Grain and Feed Trade Association (Gafta)
The Learning Services team was instrumental in helping build a series of truly engaging online training courses, providing us with a development space where we could take risks and incorporate nontraditional styles of learning into each module. Quintin Fox Director of Training Development, Gay Lea Foods

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