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Oil and Gas Training LMS

Save Money.
Stay Safe. Build Resilience.

Oil and gas companies must deliver safety training. It’s not optional. It’s often done in person, but that can be expensive and hard to scale. Shifting to virtual safety training can make a significant difference—reducing training costs, protecting the organisation and its people and helping to keep business continuity during disruptions.

Stay agile

Save Money

  • When safety training can be delivered anytime, anywhere, contractors can get from the exam to the jobsite quick. No unnecessary waiting—they’re ready to put their knowledge and skills to work.

  • The costs that come with renting facilities, coordinating catering and hiring in-person proctors can add up. Providing oil and gas safety training virtually means your L&D teams can set the course once and run it ongoing from there.

D2L advantages

Stay Safe

  • You need to be able to prove that the right person took the right training at the right time. Online proctoring tools help make it easy to verify each person’s identity, authenticating it at the beginning and confirming it throughout.

  • The safety training you offer needs to keep pace with changing rules and regulations. Your learning tools should help trainers quickly create and iterate content and automate manual workflows and processes.

Oil and Gas in Brightspace

Build Resilience

  • Now more than ever, oil and gas companies need to be ready to adapt—and fast. Moving safety training online means courses, assessments and exams can run as needed, even in the event of a disruption.

  • As your business evolves and grows, you need solutions that scale with you. Easy to create. Easy to update. Easy to innovate.

In Person Vs. Online—How Do the Costs Compare?

Take a closer look at the costs associated with in-person and online training to decide on the best approach for your organization.

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