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5 ways VLEs can Transform Student Engagement

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VLEs can provide new methods for students to engage with their course and gain a greater understanding of the subject. There are many methods and tools available in VLEs, that when used correctly can transform student engagement and aid teaching practice.

In this Webinar, discover how VLE technology is transforming student engagement for academics at the University of Huddersfield and creating a more active learning environment. The academics at the University of Huddersfield detail five distinct ways in which VLEs have changed their practice and transformed student engagement.

E-portfolios for assessing students – Digital submissions of work allow for students to continually update them, adding new work throughout their study.

Flipped classroom teaching approach – Learning resources can now be given to students outside of the physical classroom allowing for a flipped classroom teaching approach.

Providing students with immediate feedback – Marks for assessments can be provided instantly allowing for students to use them to quickly understand the gaps in their knowledge.

Student feedback on the course – Students can provide feedback on the course in a confidential way allowing for more honest feedback.

Prompt students who haven’t been engaging – VLEs allow teaching staff to send an email notification to students who haven’t been engaging with the course.

Be sure to watch the full webinar to find out how these practices can be implemented to your learning experience to transform student engagement.