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Embracing digital transformation in education

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Survey shows positive attitudes toward EdTech.

To understand how digital transformation is progressing around the world, D2L conducted a survey of 4,830 higher education participants in 11 specific roles within education in the following markets: Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Singapore, India, the Philippines, UK, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and South Africa.

The survey shows positive attitudes toward education technology in all parts of the world and it was not different in the Asia-Pacific region. Most survey respondents believe that:

  • A blended learning model offers educational benefits above and beyond solely face-to-face (71 per cent in ANZ, 65 per cent in Singapore, 88 per cent in India, and 70 per cent in the Philippines)
  • Technological developments enhance the quality of higher education (75 per cent in ANZ, 74 per cent in Singapore, 93 per cent in India, and 81 per cent in the Philippines)
  • Employers treat online credentials, degrees and certifications from online education sources the same as credentials from in-person education (55 per cent in ANZ, 57 per cent in Singapore, 72 per cent in India, and 58 per cent in the Philippines)
  • Institutions need to digitally transform to enable future growth (78 per cent in ANZ and Philippines, 76 per cent in Singapore, and 94 per cent in India)
  • Institutions have accepted the importance and benefits of digital transformation and have accelerated programmes that were already being implemented or planned.

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