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Customer Stories

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Customer Stories

Enhanced Support with Technical Account Management TAM featured image
Enhanced Support with Technical Account Management TAM 25


Description The Technical Account Management (TAM) Program offers an enhanced support experience that extends beyond the benefits provided by the traditional Help Desk. Video Transcript The technical matters can really make a difference getting you answers and getting you results.  The Technical Account Management (TAM) program offers an enhanced support experience with a single point of contact. Knowing that we have somebody who gets us, who understand our workflow, who understands what we’re currently trying to achieve, and who remembers it every week because they’re in our meeting every week, that just creates a level of trust and a likelihood of success that’s really difficult to replicate with simply a ticketing system. It’s just much easier to have that direct contact and those weekly meetings and just to have that person who’s kind of working directly with you and, and on your side and moving forward together, we just really felt that that was going to be the value of the TAM. And I think the best advice I can offer anyone who’s going to go with TAM, is to treat them like a member of their team. It’s perfectly reasonable to have weekly check-ins or bi-weekly check-ins related to your tickets, he can track down resources within the company and the contacts within the company that I’m simply unable to. We really felt that the TAM was a big value to us, so many instances where the TAM has been instrumental in keeping us in the right direction. I would encourage anyone whos going to go with Brightspace to buy the Technical Account Manager. Contact your Account Team for more information.

Out with the old, in with the new at Saint Leo University featured image
Out with the old, in with the new at Saint Leo University 1210


Description See how Saint Leo University is creating a unique learning experience for its students. Video Transcript Saint Leo University is just North of Tampa, Florida, for the university campus. But we have centres all over the country. We also have online students all over the world. So with about 16,000 students, we’ve got a healthy mix of modality. Our desire at Saint Leo is to really create immersive, personalised, adaptive learning at scale. Our learning management system was being put to bed - it was going away. Saint Leo wanted to use this moment in time as an opportunity, we were trying to be very, very opportunistic about creating this learning ecosystem, and so we did a full-scale search which included piloting a couple of different systems.  We took their technologists, locked them in a room, gave them some sugar and caffeine, and said, “we want one system, one experience. We want our students to not know that they’ve gone from system X to system Y, and the cornerstone of that learning experience really is Brightspace. Because our other system was going away and hadn’t been supported for so long, we were instantly upgrading from a 2002 Cadilac to a 2016 Lexus.  Brightspace really worked for Saint Leo because of a couple of things. Content management was one. We’re a school that does really have a lot of accreditation requirements put on us, because of how many adjuncts we have, we have different modalities with centres and online students, so we need to have a very consistent feel to our courses. Most of the other systems that we looked at prohibited us from being able to lock down parts of the course that really have to be there in order for us to stay accredited. In addition, the API story was extremely important to us. We are building a learning system of five different platforms, we felt the API would give us much richer experiences for our students. We think we will be able to create a kind of learning environment that students won’t get in most other places, and we came to the conclusion that Brightspace was the best system for our university and for our students’ needs.

How a grade 6 teacher uses Brightspace by D2L in his classroom featured image
How a grade 6 teacher uses Brightspace by D2L in his classroom 3174


Description Bryce Honsinger, a grade 6 teacher at Harriet Tubman PS in St. Catharines, ON, talks about how Brightspace saves him time and helps him engage with his digital-native students. Video Transcript My name is Bryce Honsinger. I’m a grade six teacher at Harriet Tubman Elementary in St. Catherines Ontario. Doug Melville, May 1992, came into my history class, grade 10, as Baron Von Schlieffen and acted out the exact Von Schlieffen plan from 1900. From that moment on, I wanted to be a teacher.  Bryce has been using Brightspace in his class since 2015.  Hey Bryce, what do you like about using Brightspace? I really like the fact that once I build it and I set things up, my content stays, and so that when I go to teach the same grade or I need resources in a future year that are going to be similar, I have them at my fingertips. So I plan every week, but then I also build my pages for the next week through Brightspace.  The number one thing that my children and I appreciate is the fact that my day plans, my whole program is now digital. That’s what they embrace, they’ve grown up with technology. It’s almost a slap in the face to give them a pencil-paper task. They want to produce, they want to do things digitally, they want to access. Any particular tools you like to use? I like to use ePortfolio in there. So, if I take a group of children to do guided reading, what I can do is I can actually record it on my phone, their reading, file it in and then I’ll have it all stacked in a portfolio with inside Brightspace, so I have an online digital portfolio of their work. So if I need to go back and make a genuine assessment, which we always do for reporting, I have all that electronic material saved there through that platform. A little bit of time pre-planning sets you up for success down the line.  What would you tell a teacher who hasn’t tried Brightspace yet? I would just say if you’re going to invest the time in Brightspace, you’ll have a platform that enables you to have a very efficient, 21st-century classroom, where the children can access what they need at the time that they need it.

The State of Alabama featured image
The State of Alabama 10


Description Alabama ACCESS is the Grade 7-12 distance learning program for the state of Alabama. The program is leveraging the Brightspace program to offer more courses to those in rural areas across the state. Video Transcript  Alabama ACCESS is the Grade 7-12 distance learning program for the state of Alabama. The program started with approximately 400 students and has grown to include over 27,000 students across 400+ schools in the state, making it the third-largest online program in the nation.  We are pushing toward every student a graduate and every student not just graduate but to be prepared for college and career status when they leave the high schools. Ensuring students are on the path to success We’ve seen a multitude of success stories throughout the years. We’ve had students that, one had to drop out of school because he was the sole provider for his family, and through ACCESS distance learning we were able to work with him and his employer and get him back in school and that dropout became a high school graduate. As far as the students that a lot of times get left out, and that’s those students in that upper tier. We were able to begin challenging them with AP courses, with advanced courses. In that, these students have found that ‘yes, we can be successful’ the same way these students that are in the more affluent/higher-level, I guess you would say that, schools in the state. So the students leave high school now with the positive feelings that ‘we can succeed when we move on to that next level’ whether that be going to college or whether it be going to a career of some type. Helping to increase graduation rates in the State of Alabama To help the graduation rate improve, I think ACCESS has been able to do that, again using the D2L platform. We’ve set a goal for the year 2020 to have a 90% graduation rate. From where we were in the low 70’s when we started this two years ago, we had set up increments of 2% a year, and we’ve already passed that and we hit that 80% rate this year so that we’re two years ahead already in advancing our graduation rate in the State of Alabama.

National Ballet School of Canada featured image
National Ballet School of Canada 837


Description The National Ballet School of Canada was looking for a technology solution that could help amplify the work they are doing and bring dance to the world. © 2014 D2L Corporation. Brightspace, D2L, and other marks (“D2L marks”) are trademarks of D2L Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Please visit for a list of other D2L marks. Video Transcript  So for us, we recognised a number of years ago that if we wanted to share our teaching experience and pedagogy and create a system of teaching that really suits people who are non-dancers, that we needed to have at least a web platform from which to engage people. But the issue we had there was all the resources end up being quite static. Part of the brilliance of learning dance from the talented faculty that we have is actually connecting with them and learning in real-time. A technology solution is necessary for us to amplify the work we’re doing and expand our impact. With the Capture Technology, we would be in a position where it wasn’t just creating video content, which you can do any number of ways, it was creating an interactive, real-time connection with the person who was learning from you, and that to us is the most exciting part.  When you’re in a position to evolve practices and enhance quality of art and quality of life - especially quality of life I think - then it’s essential, that’s your quest. That’s the fantastic thing about working with younger people is, of course, they’re the natives of the land of technology. We’re always going to be immigrants and we’re never going to speak the language with the same alacrity as they do. So in fact, I’m actually counting on the younger generations to guide me. With D2L afterwards it kind of felt like now we’re really pushing the boundaries, we’re really seeing how far we can go. How many more people we can get to see ballet. Yeah, it definitely makes me feel like an ambassador because we’re going to be at the forefront of dance training and there are so many small studios throughout the entire world that will have access to this. It’s definitely a motivational tool.