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Customer Stories

Helping Engaged Students Achieve their Dreams

The LMS at my university wasn’t user-friendly and made life quite difficult for us as students. That really showed me that choosing the right LMS is key for any educational...

  • Reimagining the education system

    Brightspace proved to be the optimal framework to fundamentally change the way we provide education to students. Mike Sturmey, Associate Director of Digital Learning Environments, Victoria University Challenge VU aims...

  • A clear vision of learning for all

    One of the main things that attracted us to D2L’s Brightspace platform was its rich accessibility options. Laura Hendrey, Learning and Development Coordinator, Vision Australia Challenge Aiming For Better Accessibility...

  • Using Brightspace to implement a unique CBE experience

    Challenge As a leading teaching hospital in Australia, Epworth Healthcare is responsible for educating the next generation of health professionals through its medical, nursing, and health professional education and training...


Bridging the distance between online learners

Adopting D2L’s Brightspace platform has enabled Te Kura, New Zealand’s largest school, to make the transition from correspondence courses to online distance education. Video capabilities enable teachers and students to learn together in new ways, while smart grading tools reduce the administrative burden for the school’s busy faculty.

Energy Safety Canada Drives Continuous Improvement With D2L Brightspace

Learning doesn’t end at graduation. At Energy Safety Canada, ongoing learning contributes to something even more important than organizational success—the safety of the energy workers it serves and supports.

Building Learning Experiences That Matter

Orenda Learning is an educational consultancy firm that equips young people with crucial knowledge, skills, qualities and the agency to affect positive global transformation in our rapidly changing and complex world.

A clear vision of learning for all

Vision Australia’s employees and volunteers are committed to the organisation’s mission to support Australians who are blind or have low vision achieve the possibilities they choose in life. Around 15% of Vision Australia’s workforce are blind or have low vision, so to ensure that everyone can benefit from its training resources, the company is using D2L’s Brightspace platform to deliver highly accessible online courses.

Upskilling Queensland's workforce for post-COVID recovery

Tasked with ensuring potentially hundreds-of-thousands of hospitality and beauty workers were prepared to safely return to work as restrictions on their industries were lifted, TAFE Queensland had to design online training courses capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users—and it had to do so in just a few days.

BigSky: Taking big leaps in evolving learning experiences

Understanding how students want to learn to create a future-proof response