A digital showcase for the learning journey. It helps you document the experience, reflect on it, and share ideas and achievements as they happen.

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Share learning with other people.

Learners can show course content, assessments, links, media, and more to their peers and mentors for comment.

  • Users can reflect on content directly from Brightspace Learning Environment
  • Newsfeed with recent activity helps users keep tabs on active projects
  • Content can be easily shared with individuals or entire groups within the course

Show them the path to success.

As users add to their ePortfolio, they can create web-based presentations or export content to demonstrate their accomplishments.

  • Presentation builder tool lets you share ePortfolio contents externally
  • Achievements can be showcased to advisors or even potential employers
  • Export/import tools allow students to take their ePortfolio material with them later

Go mobile with the experience.

Brightspace ePortfolio is available on mobile devices, too: users can demonstrate or reflect on their learning experiences wherever they go.

  • Field trips, exchanges, and other out-of-classroom experiences can be documented
  • Native app makes it easy to add photos and videos directly from mobile device
  • Offline additions to the ePortfolio tool will automatically sync up later


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