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Video Assignments and Virtual Classroom

To create a truly dynamic online learning experience, instructors need to use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous video tools. Video Assignments and Virtual Classroom form a holistic video assessment solution that fosters a more active learning experience. When learners demonstrate skills and apply their knowledge on video, evaluators get an authentic representation of what they can do.

Turn Knowledge Into Action With Video Assignments

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Leverage Various Assignment Types

Create opportunities for practice, demonstration, analysis and collaboration, both synchronously and asynchronously. Video Assignment workflows facilitate repeated skill practice, peer-to-peer collaboration and the application of knowledge in a real-world context.

  • Help learners build communication and critical-thinking skills through continuous practice, self-assessment and video presentation delivery.

  • Put individuals on the spot to answer questions asynchronously with only a limited time to respond (Premium).

  • Enable learners to collaborate synchronously or asynchronously to complete a group activity (Premium).

  • Prompt learners to answer multiple-choice questions or submit video responses at different points throughout a video (Premium).

Provide Learners With Robust Feedback Opportunities

Once a learner completes a Video Assignment, their submission is reviewed for personalized feedback and coaching. Instructors and peers can provide training and real-time feedback all within Brightspace.

  • Give learners multiple opportunities to practice and reflect on their recordings prior to submission.

  • Provide personalized, time-stamped feedback on learner submissions from subject matter experts.

  • Scale your feedback with AI based coaching tips around delivery (rate of speech, speech clarity and use of filler words), areas of excellence and improvement, and tone analysis to help learners improve and gain more insight into their performance (Premium).

  • Expose learners to multiple feedback options by having them give and receive time-stamped feedback on their peers’ videos.

Connect and Engage With Virtual Classroom

Leverage the potential of virtual conferencing to enhance learning. The Virtual Classroom tool provides a space for live discussions, online office hours, video-based training and more.

Two-Way Interaction

Engage and collaborate online with a solution that supports two-way conversation.

Make it Easy

Schedule, hold and record live video conferencing sessions without ever leaving Brightspace.

Upgrade to Premium

A premium version is available to help you expand the way you use the tools within the Brightspace Learning Environment. In addition to the core features, the premium version supports more video workflows that provide opportunities for learners to put their knowledge into action. Furthermore, premium includes additional Virtual Classroom session participants, longer sessions, and unlimited storage.

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